After sitting on the shelf for nearly a decade, Fox is getting ready to revive a classic franchise with The Predator. Director Shane Black, who starred in the original movie, has been hard at work on the reboot for a long time and fans have been waiting eagerly for a first look at the new take on the classic sci-fi series. Now, courtesy of the Brand Licensing Expo in London, we have a new poster for The Predator and it leans heavily into the recently confirmed suburban setting for the movie. Also, there's a lot of lightning.

The poster was shared to Instagram from the Brand Licensing Expo by Dirtees. The Predator poster has yet to be officially released by Fox, but we get a great look at it here. The image features a shot overlooking a suburban neighborhood from high above, with a bunch of lightning forming the distinct shape of the titular alien. One bolt of lightning has touched the ground and looks to be lighting things up in pretty epic fashion. Here's what Dirtees had to say about the poster in their Instagram post.

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"Here's your first look at another official The Predator movie poster. Straight from 20th Century Fox' stand at the Brand Licensing Expo here in London. Thoughts?"

Save for the shape of a Predator face created by a force of nature, there's no actual human or alien characters featured on the poster. There's also no text of any kind on it. It appears that Fox is confident enough that the distinct shape of the iconic alien figure will be enough to see The Predator with this poster. That could be a pretty bold move, considering the franchise has been dead for a good while. Not to mention that fans seem pretty mixed about the idea of setting a Predator movie in the suburbs.

The original Predator remains a classic and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Despite a great many attempts, perhaps most notably the Alien vs. Predator movies, the original is really the only movie in the franchise that managed to nail it. Predator 2 was a bomb and it was pretty disappointing for many fans that Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't come back for the sequel. As it happens, he isn't coming back for this movie either. Shane Black did offer him a cameo, but Schwarzenegger was said to be unhappy with what was being offered, so he declined. Despite the fact that this is more or less a reboot, it won't be ignoring the previous movies in the franchise.

The Predator is set to hit theaters on August 3, 2018. Considering what happened with Alien: Covenant over the summer, one has to wonder if Fox is a little worried about the potential for this movie. Then again, Shane Black has a very solid track record as a director, with movies like The Nice Guys and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang under his belt. Be sure to check out the new poster for The Predator, courtesy of the Dirtees Instagram, for yourself below.