The Predator gets a makeover in a new set of crazy Chinese movie posters. Have you ever wanted a poster of a Predator shredding on a skateboard from the 1980s? Or how about a Predator doing some freestyle breakdancing moves? If so, you're in luck. There's two more posters that are just as insane as the skateboard and breakdancing ones, and they truly need to be seen to be believed. It's thought that the mysterious posters were created to coincide with the China premiere of The Predator, which is next week. And though they don't look like official posters, they are made by Spin Destiny, who create official movie posters for major Hollywood films, including Rampage and Spider-Man: Homecoming to name a few. However, no one of them are as crazy as these Predator posters.

Looking a little closer at The Predator poster with the skateboard, it looks like the alien has a vest on like Marty McFly's from Back to the Future with a giant red baseball cap on backwards. Then there's the bright multi-colored background that looks like it could have been on a pair of shorts or pants in the 80s. Next up is a Predator playing some basketball and going in for a vicious slam dunk. The jersey is in the Lakers' purple and gold colors, but this particular interstellar athlete plays for the Aliens.

The third of the new posters for The Predator features one of the aliens showcasing some pretty epic breakdancing moves. He's on one hand, freestyling in what might be the best poster of the bunch, though it's really hard to choose a favorite at this point in time. The last of the posters shows a few Predators at what looks like a computer lab of some sort, rocking out to some tunes with headphones on. Whatever the main alien is looking at has caught the attention of his neighbors because they're taking a look too.

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The Predator posters are a mystery for now, since we don't know why these specific and wacky ideas were chosen. But, it's awesome that they exist at all and it's time to track down where they can be purchased. If only Shane Black's take on the iconic aliens was as well-received as these posters. The film barely made a dent at the domestic box office, having only earned over $50 million. However, the movie has done better overseas with an additional $74.4 million. Next week could see another bump with the China premiere.

While Shane Black's The Predator wasn't well-received, it did inspire these awesome new fun posters. The movie opens in China on October 26th, and hardcore fans will probably want to know how to obtain all four of the posters that look like something artist Madsteez would have pulled off. While we wait for more information on the mysterious The Predator posters, you can check them all out below, thanks to IMP Awards.

<strong><em>The Predator</em></strong> Chinese Poster #1
<strong><em>The Predator</em></strong> Chinese Poster #2
<strong><em>The Predator</em></strong> Chinese Poster #3
<strong><em>The Predator</em></strong> Chinese Poster #4
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