The Predator is on its way. A new featurette teases the Ultimate Predator's spine ripping strength, which was shown in full at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. In addition to the Ultimate Predator, the new footage also shows off some behind-the-scenes action as well, including an interview with Shane Black where he claims that The Predator is the scariest movie in the entire franchise, which falls in line with the R-rating that the movie earned.

The new The Predator feturette shows some interviews with the cast as well as director Shane Black. In addition to the interviews, there's also some brand-new footage containing the aforementioned Ultimate Predator's love of ripping off heads and spines. We see the 10-foot Ultimate Predator rip another hunter through a wall and then slam it on to a car. The new genetically modified Predator stares down at the little hunter and then rips the helmet right off. The scene cuts right when he goes in for the kill.

Shane Black had some pretty lofty goals in mind when he set out to make The Predator. Black wanted to capture the feeling of first seeing the original Predator in 1987, while creating something new and fresh for a new generation. Black seems pretty pleased with the results and declares that The Predator is everything that fans of the franchise have come to love and more. He had this to say.

"After 30 years of Predator movies, it's the right time to resurrect [this franchise]. I am blessed to have the opportunity to play in that sandbox. We're trying to grow this thing and encompass, in one movie, all the genre things we love. This is the scariest one. We're upgrading the Predator to the next level of deadliness."

Shane Black certainly seems confident about The Predator, which is definitely a good thing. The project went through numerous reshoots, a common practice in Hollywood, but when it was learned that Black was reshooting the entire ending, fans became more than a little suspicious of the movie. However, now that there has been more trailers and footage released, those fears have subsided for the most part. The Ultimate Predator is the new star of the show thus far, and we're hoping to see, or at least feel its presence, a lot more once the movie hits theaters.

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The Predator opens in September and new box office projections point to a strong debut for the movie. It has been estimated that the film will earn anywhere from $25 to $30 million for its opening, which will easily take the number one spot for the weekend. This will be the second highest opening for a movie in the Predator franchise with the first being 2007's Alien Vs. Predator, which earned $38 million for its debut weekend. You can watch the new featurette on The Predator below, thanks to the AMC Theaters YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick