The Predator trailer is making its debut at CinemaCon this month. Director Shane Black has been teasing that we'll get our first look at the movie soon, but now he's clarified how things are going to go down. Either way, the lucky folks at CinemaCon, which takes place in Las Vegas from April 23 through 26, will be the first to get a sense of what this long-awaited relaunch of the Predator franchise is going to look like.

Shane Black took to Twitter recently to let fans know that the first teaser trailer for The Predator is coming in April. While that was accurate, he posted again recently to clarify that it is going to be exclusively for those attending CinemaCon. The trailer will then later be released in theaters, presumably alongside another major release. Black, on an unrelated note, also decided to take the opportunity to showcase his love for Insidious: The Last Key. Here's what he had to say.

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"Whoops, the teaser that drops this month is for Cinemacon only...THEN it goes to theaters. My bad. Patience. Go rent Insidious: The Last Key, meantime. Great stuff."

Patience is something fans of the Predator franchise have had to exercise in recent years. We last saw the legendary aliens make their way to the big screen in 2010's Predators. While there wasn't anything hideously wrong with that movie, it just didn't manage to totally recapture the magic of the original. Shane Black, who stars in the original movie alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, was then brought in to try his hand at a reboot/sequel, which will relaunch the franchise for a new generation of moviegoers, but will take place in the same universe as the original movies. The Predator recently started some reshoots in Vancouver, but that's common practice for big movies these days. At least Fox is putting up the money to make this thing as good as it can possibly be.

So, the question becomes, when will the general public be able to feast their look-balls on The Predator trailer? Looking at the release schedule, the most obvious answer would be around May 18, which is when Deadpool 2 hits theaters. Fox is distributing both The Predator and Deadpool 2. Considering that Deadpool 2 is probably going to be one of the biggest hits of the summer, that would help get a lot of people interested in The Predator. With that in mind, the trailer will probably arrive online a few days ahead of Deadpool 2's release, so sometime around mid-May seems reasonable.

That's purely speculative. While it seems likely the trailer will play in theaters with a major release, if the reaction to the footage at CinemaCon impresses everyone and the buzz is great, then Fox could decide to just drop The Predator trailer online to keep the buzz going. No matter what, it sounds like our first look at the movie is coming soon. Let's hope this is all worth the wait. The Predator is set for release on September 14, and it's confirmed to arrive in 3D. You can check out Shane Black's Twitter post for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott