Writer/director Shane Black is currently working on The Predator, the fourth entry in the Predator franchise. Even though the big budget production should be starting any time now, details have been incredibly scarce. It may not be much, but we have just learned what the working title for The Predator will be.

Comicbook.com uncovered the working title for the movie, which is being called Ollie. For those who may not know, a working title is just an unofficial title used during the production of a movie that sometimes offers clues to the movie itself. In the case of Ollie, it is pretty difficult to speculate what, if anything, that means for The Predator. Really, it just means we are one step closer, albeit a small step, to this movie becoming a reality.

To say that we know nothing about the new Predator movie wouldn't quite be fair. To say that we know almost nothing would be more accurate. At the moment, there are no confirmed cast members, but recently a report surfaced that the production had its sights set on Benicio Del Toro, though he recently dropped out due to scheduling conflicts, which is a major bummer. Other rumored cast members have included James Franco and star of the original Predator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The only thing we know for sure is that the hero of the movie will be a character named Quinn Mackenna, which Shane Black revealed at a Q&A with Empire a few months ago.

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Beyond that, we know that movie is a sequel to the original Predator and not a reboot and that it will be released in IMAX. Also, a poster for the movie was released in February, which showed the famed creature in the background with the phrase "You'll never see him coming" plastered over the image. It was a cool poster, but that and the working title Ollie are about all we have to go on at the moment for The Predator. It seems like Shane Black is pretty intent on keeping things a secret for as long as he possibly can. Though, we have heard it compared to Aliens.

We reported a few months ago that The Predator was set to start shooting in Vancouver at the end of September, but unless this is a super secretive 10 Cloverfield Lane situation, it seems like the start of production has been bumped back. For now, all we can do is aimlessly speculate and wait impatiently to see dudes with machine guns hunt a Predator on screen again. The Predator is currently set for release on February 9, 2018.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott