Quibi has partnered with Jason Reitman to recreate The Princess Bride. Reitman was able to convince a ton of A-list celebrities to take part in the at-home remake, which includes Sophie Turner, Hugh Jackman, Elijah Wood, and more. The movie is often hailed as one of the best that has ever been made, which made saying yes to it very easy for just about everybody involved. There hasn't been a whole lot else for anybody to do. Reitman had this to say about how the idea came together.

"The week that the stay-at-home order came through in California, I just woke up one of the first mornings, I think like most people did, feeling as though, All right, I need to be able to do something of value. I just thought, Can we remake an entire movie at home? And I had seen that a fan-made Star Wars had been done. I just started reaching out to actors I knew, saying, 'Is this something you'd want to do?' And the response was kind of immediate and fast. It was like, 'Oh-that sounds like fun.'"
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Along with Sophie Turner, Hugh Jackman, and Elijah Wood, The Princess Bride at-home recreation also stars Joe Jonas, Common and Tiffany Haddish, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, Andy Serkis, Keegan-Michael Key, Beanie Feldstein, Jack Black, Diego Luna, Taika Waititi, Jon Hamm, Zazie Beetz, Patton Oswalt, and Josh Gad, along with original director Rob Reiner, and Fred Savage, who will be reprising his role as the grandson. While that's an amazing list already, there are plenty of more actors who are being kept under wraps at the moment.

Jeffrey Katzenberg loved Jason Reitman's concept and idea to have it benefit charity. So Quibi made a $1 million donation to World Central Kitchen, which equates to approximately 100,000 meals, in order to distribute the handmade project. Starting this Monday, June 29th, Quibi will stream the first episode. The rest will follow each Monday following, and from the looks of things, it's something that fans are not going to want to miss.

It's pretty amazing the Jason Reitman was able to pull of this together in secret. The Princess Bride has become one of the most beloved movies of all time since its release. Like the spirit of the original movie, Reitman hopes to have it bring a smile to anyone who happens to give it a shot. Original director Rob Reiner is all for the new remake and was happy to take part in it. He explains.

"What's nice about it is that I made a film that's lasted so long. Now it's over 33 years. And the biggest kick I get out of it is that kids who saw it when they were eight or nine years old have kids that age now, and they're seeing it and liking it. It seems to have stood the test of time... I wouldn't think this is the best way to introduce someone to the film [laughs]... If you already know the movie, that's what makes it fun. The audience already knows every line. I had no reservations. I was like, 'Nah, let's do it!'"

The actors chose to use stuffed animals, their own pets, and children to make for an entertaining take on The Princess Bride. In order to get some of the love scenes done, Jason Reitman chose couples who were on lockdown together like, Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb and Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. It's a very clever idea with a good cause behind it. Vanity Fair was the first to break the story.

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