Rumors of a possible remake of the classic '80s movie The Princess Bride have begun hitting the web, and original star Cary Elwes doesn't seem too pleased. According to Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Tony Vinciquerra, some big names in Hollywood have approached the studio and legendary producer Norman Lear, who executive produced the original movie from 1987, about doing a remake of The Princess Bride. Additionally, some of the TV shows Lear has produced have also been pitched to be remade. Here's what Vinciquerra had to say about these pitches to remake some of Lear's best work.

"We have so many people coming to us saying, 'We want to remake this show or that show.' Very famous people whose names I won't use, but they want to redo The Princess Bride. Some people want to do animated versions of some of the sitcoms [Lear produced]. Not a month goes by when we don't have an idea coming from some very big name wanting to do things with Norman."
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The concept of remaking any classic movie can instantly make big fans feeling leery, and that's especially the case with The Princess Bride. With the remake rumors trending on social media, many fans of the original have been heavily lambasting the idea, hoping to shoot it down now before such a project can move into development. Cary Elwes, who starred in the leading role as the hero, has also chimed in on Twitter, making it clear he has no desire to see a new version of The Princess Bride get the greenlight. "There's a shortage of perfect movies in this world. It would be a pity to damage this one," the actor says in what can best be described as the perfect response.

Written by William Goldman and directed by Rob Reiner, The Princess Bride is adapted by Goldman's 1973 novel of the same name. It follows Elwes as a young farmhand named Westley, who embarks on a quest to save his true love Princess Buttercup (Robin Wright) from the villainous Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon). The fantasy comedy classic also features Andre the Giant, Mandy Patinkin, Christopher Guest, Billy Crystal, Wallace Shawn, and Carol Kane in memorable roles. Peter Falk and Fred Savage also star in a wraparound story with a grandfather reading the tale of The Princess Bride to his sick grandson.

For over three decades, The Princess Bride has remained a cult classic and appears to be just as popular as it ever was. In 2016, it was inducted into the National Film Registry, forever guaranteeing its preservation. Savage also reprised the role of the grandson for the PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 called Once Upon a Deadpool. This is the closest the movie has ever gotten to getting some kind of follow-up, and most fans are clearly hoping to keep it that way.

Because of the backlash the mere concept of a Princess Bride remake seems to be receiving, it seems unlikely such a project will be greenlit anytime soon. Truly, you never know with Hollywood, and it seems like anything popular and profitable from the past is fair game for the remake treatment. For those who agree with Elwes' point of view, however, hopefully they'll leave this one be. Vinciquerra's words come to us from Variety, and Elwes' response comes to us from Cary Elwes on Twitter.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
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