With Orange is the New Black coming to an end this year, Taylor Shilling is looking to break out in genre movies, next appearing in her first horror thriller The Prodigy. The resuscitated Orion Pictures has released a new poster for her latest descent into madness. And it's pretty creepy.

Death is not the end in the new poster for The Prodigy. From the producer of The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Prodigy follows a mother (Taylor Schilling) who's concerned that her young son's (Jackson Robert Scott) disturbing behavior might be caused by a supernatural force overtaking him. Find out what's wrong with Miles when The Prodigy hits theaters nationwide February 8, 2019. 

In her much-anticipated foray into the horror-thriller genre, Taylor Schilling stars in The Prodigy as Sarah, a mother whose young son Miles' disturbing behavior signals that an evil, possibly supernatural force has overtaken him. Fearing for her family's safety, Sarah must grapple with her maternal instinct to love and protect Miles in favor of investigating what - or who - is causing his dark turn. She is forced to look for answers in the past, taking the audience on a wild ride; one where the line between perception and reality remains blurry.

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Taylor Schilling (Orange Is the New Black) is joined on screen by an ensemble that includes Jackson Robert Scott (It, AMC's Fear the Walking Dead), Peter Mooney (Burden of Truth, Rookie Blue) and Colm Feore (Thor, Pearl Harbor).

Jeff Buhler, who is best known for his work on The Midnight Meat Train and Pet Sematary, penned the screenplay, with Nicolas McCarthy directing. He previously helmed such hit thrillers as The Pact and At Devil's Door. Tripp Vinson, who is behind The Rite and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, produces this horror movie.

Horror had a big year in 2018, with top films such as A Quiet Place, Bird Box, Halloween and Hereditary dominating the conversation. This will be another horror heavy year, with The Prodigy coming out heavy in the early part of 2019. It has the chance to break out amongst a pact of movies that also include IT: Chapter 2, The Curse of La Llorona, Happy Death Day 2U, Jordan Peele's Us and the remake of Pet Sematary.

Taylor Shilling is best known for playing the lead Piper on Orange is the New Black. The series saw Piper finally getting out of prison this past season, with her story set to wrap on Netflix in 2019. She made her big screen debut in 2007's Dark Matter, and has continued to build her film resume with interesting indie choices ever since. She appeared in the notorious bomb Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 before moving onto bigger and better things in the Nicolas Sparks adaptation The Lucky Ones and the acclaimed Ben Affleck thriller Argo. She also won praise for her Netflix comedy thriller Take Me. So far, she has not set up her next movie project after The Prodigy as she continues shooting the final Orange is the New Black episodes.

You can check out The Prodigy poster, which comes direct from Orion Pictures. It shows Taylor Shilling and her onscreen son being confronted by a wicked kind of Evil.

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