We recently announced here that there was some movement on X-Men Origins: Magneto, with a synopsis being released to Production Weekly. Well, now Lauren Shuler Donner, producer behind the X-Men films spoke to Empire Online about the future of X-Men Origins: Magneto, and what the success (or failure) of X-Men Origins: Wolverine might mean for the film.

Donner confirmed that plans for X-Men Origins: Magneto are still in the works, perhaps. "I think first we wanted to make Wolverine, and then David [Goyer, the attached director] took another film, and there wasn't a lot of time," she said. "But I'd like to make that - we'll have to see."

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Donner further confirmed that the plot will indeed focus on the early, idealistic days of Charles Xavier and the man who would become Magneto, Eric Lehnsherr. "We have a script on Magneto, which is actually sort of Magneto and Charles Xavier," she said. "It's Erik and Charles in their early, early years."