In November prepare to get Punished!

Lionsgate proudly presents The Punisher: Extended Cut DVD on November 21, 2006!

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With over 17 minutes of all-new footage integrated into the film, The Punisher: Extended Cut is highlighted by these never-before-seen, pulse-pounding scenes that shed additional light on the storyline. The action-packed DVD also delivers a one-of-a-kind extra - an animated version of "The Kuwait Scene," which was originally slated to open the film but was never shot due to budgetary constraints. Illustrated by The Punisher artist Tim Bradstreet, the dynamic and impressionistic action sequence stars Thomas Jane and Russell Andrews. Viewers will have the option of playing the animation before the picture begins so the scene can be appreciated within its original planned context. The Punisher: Extended Cut contains other brand new special features including The Punisher comic book gallery, all-new Tim Bradstreet illustrations, a "making of" featurette and more!

Starring Thomas Jane, Academy Award-nominee John Travolta and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, The Punisher follows Special Agent Frank Castle who takes the law into his own hands as he tries to right all of the wrongs that found his entire family murdered and him left for dead. Born again, Castle takes on the role of judge, jury and executioner vigilante as he wages a one-man war against those who have done him wrong.


Thomas Jane, John Travolta, Will Patton, Roy Scheider, Laura Harring, Ben Foster, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

DVD Features:

- 16x9 extended version of the film with over 17 minutes of new material

- Animated Kuwait deleted scene - created specifically for this DVD release

- "Tour of Duty - Making the Extended Cut" featurette

- The Punisher comic book gallery

- All-new Tim Bradstreet illustrations

Technical Specs:

- Rating: Unrated

- Genre: Action/Thriller

- CC: English Closed Captioned

- Subtitles: English and Spanish

- Format: 16x9 Widescreen

- Feature Running Time: 138 minutes

- Sound: 6.1 DTS ES Audio, 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround EX Audio

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