Marvel Comics: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lions Gate Entertainment, who will be releasing The Punisher in the Spring, said Thursday that it has further pacted with Marvel for a "Punisher II" sequel and also is developing two more Marvel films, based on the characters of Iron Fist and Black Widow.

The first film in the planned "Punisher" franchise stars Thomas Jane, John Travolta and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. The sequel is in the development stage.

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Iron Fist has been a Marvel title for more than 30 years. The series combines superheroes with martial arts and centers on Danny Rand, who was raised by monks and taught the ancient technique of the Iron Fist, which grants its users the power to level a building with a single blow and gives them complete control over their mind, body and spirit. Returning to America as an adult, Rand uses his amazing abilities to help those in need while seeking to avenge the murder of his parents.