Frank Grillo has long been a mainstay of action cinema. The talented actor has shown up in many action-packed projects from The Purge to Point Blank. But Grillo is best known for playing the role of Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones in the MCU. During a recent interview with Uproxx, Grillo revealed the toll all his action scenes take on his body.

"Oh my goodness, always. I still train every day with a boxing trainer and do strength training, but when you're making a movie where you have a lot of things going on and have a lot of choreography to remember, you do it over and over and over. Your mind gets worn down as well as your body, and you're exhausted all the time."
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While the actor made his mark in the MCU as Crossbones, there was another gritty Marvel character he has spoken in the past about wanting to portray. That character is none other than Frank Castle aka The Punisher. But Frank Grillo revealed that while he had wanted to play Castle in the past, his priorities have since shifted, and he now wants to focus on non-superhero projects.

"That's not in my trajectory now. It's not where my life is taking me anymore, and my friend Jonny Bernthal did an amazing job. My life and what I want to do is much different now, and I think I'm outgrowing that whole kind-of Marvel and superhero thing. Joe and I have a really good little company in War Party, and we're concentrating on action thrillers that are responsibly budgeted, and we're very busy, knock wood, and we'll go down the path of creating our own material and content and having a good time."

The Punisher has long been a fan-favorite character. Joe Bernthal made a cameo as the vengeance-fuelled vigilante on the Daredevil series with Charlie Cox. So positive was the reception to the character that Bernthal received his own spinoff series focussed on Frank Castle. Now that the show has been canceled, fans are anticipating the character's entry in the MCU, and Bernthal is still the hot favorite among fans for playing The Punisher on the big screen.

Interestingly, the character may have already made his MCU debut. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, there is a scene where Nick Fury is about to be cornered by agents of Hydra masquerading as police officers when the officers are rammed by an unmarked van.

There has long been a fan theory that the van belonged to and was driven by The Punisher. This theory has been hinted at by the directors of the film themselves, the Russo Brothers. Then there was the scene in Avengers: Endgame, where Hulk throws a bench into the forest, which ended up hitting a snooping Frank Castle, according to what the Russo Brothers have stated on social media, although that was most probably a joke.

Still, chances are high that Frank Castle already exists in the MCU. How he makes his first physical appearance, and who will be playing him is still up for speculation. Meanwhile, Grillo is going strong with his acting career. He will next be making an appearance on Showtime's Billions, playing the role of artist Nico Tanner. This news originated at Uproxx.