Director Gareth Evans revolutionized the action genre in 2012 with the bone-crunching thriller The Raid: Redemption, which centered on Rama (Iko Uwais), a rookie cop who takes part in the raid of a 30-story building that houses Jakarta's most dangerous criminals. Somehow, the Indonesian filmmaker found a way to top that massive spectacle with The Raid 2, which expands nationwide April 11 following a successful limited release. Iko Uwais is back as Rama in this sequel, set just a few hours after The Raid: Redemption, as he goes deep undercover to root out the crooked cops and expose the corrupt politicians pulling the strings, to put his family out of harm's way. I recently had the chance to speak with Gareth Evans via satellite, where he revealed that he actually wrote this sequel long before he made The Raid: Redemption, while discussing how these actors actually throw real punches and kicks in this action-thriller, and teasing his ideas for the hopefully-inevitable follow-up, The Raid 3. In addition, we also have two new clips for you to check out before heading to the theaters this weekend for this mind-blowing action extravaganza that you truly have to see to believe.