Screen Gems is in talks for an American remake of Gareth Evans' Indonesian action-thriller The Raid, which won the Toronto Film Festival's Midnight Madness audience award.

Sony Pictures has already secured worldwide distribution rights to The Raid after its screening at the Cannes Film Festival. Screen Gems is a division of Sony Pictures, which had a right of refusal for a remake with XYZ Films, which produced The Raid.

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It is said that director Gareth Evans was offered to direct the remake, although he declined the offer. Gareth Evans is planning on making a sequel to The Raid, which he hopes to shoot in February.

Screen Gems hopes to land a director for this remake in the near future. However, the fighting style dubbed "silat," which makes The Raid so unique, was infused into the original by Gareth Evans. The attempt to duplicate this style could pose as quite a challenge for the remake.

CLICK HERE to watch the action-packed red band trailer for The Raid, which does not have a release date set at this time.