A reader over at Dark Horizons has informed the site of the most recent activity on the upcoming slate for Sony Pictures. Take a look at what's happening...

Luke Cage

They are working on another draft with John Singleton, who will direct the comic adaptation about a wrongly imprisoned gang member whose participation in a medical experiment leaves him with super strength and bulletproof skin.

Me & My Monster

Jake Gyllenhaal is tipped to star in the Sony film with Neil Jordan directing. The studio is currently seeking people for the roles of a love interest, and the voice of the monster. Neither have to be big names as they're hoping not to spend much.


Jake Gyllenhaal is a busy boy, he's tipped to be replacing his "Brokeback" co-star Heath Ledger on this Stephen Hopkins-directed point-of-view thriller set around a trio of young people yachting in the Bahamas.


The is going out to Robin Williams, from that they will try and land a director - for now the more immediate concern is more work is needed on the script about a family who travel around the USA in an RV.

Six Shooters

The is undergoing a MUCH needed re-write.

The Dinner Party

Right now they're narrowing down their choice of a director for this comedy remake of "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner", and then the supporting roles will be immediately cast. The two biggest parts still going of course are the lead girl opposite Ashton Kutcher & Bernie Mac’s daughter, and also Bernie Mac’s wife.

Assorted Others:

"Bewitched" is aiming to begin filming this Summer.

Jennifer Aniston is the favourite for "Catch & Release".

J-Lo is no longer attached to "The Governess".

A new draft for "Salem" is being examined soon.

Kevin James is set to direct "Last First Kiss" which begins filming March 15th.

Thanks again to Dark Horizons!