The eight break-out performers from the Reno police force are taking their show on the road in a new documentary film, Reno 911!: Miami; they travel from Nevada to Florida for the Annual National Sheriff's Convention. When things go horribly wrong, the gang from The Biggest Little City are put in charge and must save the day. had the opportunity to talk to those officers in a press conference; here's part two of what they had to say:


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Since the Reno 911! TV show has been airing, what has that done for the crime rate in Reno? Has it improved?

Deputy Clementine Johnson:

It's brought it straight up to level 10.

Lt. Jim Dangle: The one thing that the program's doing... uh, you know, it used to be people would yell something at me like, 'Hey faggot!' and now it's more like, 'Hey Dangle, you faggot!' so there's some name recognition out there, you know, which has to count for something, right?

Deputy Travis Junior: It's helpful because now you can duck. Now you know it's coming at you.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Yeah. Hey, there's a Sprite can headed for my head.

Deputy Travis Junior: Yeah.

Deputy James Garcia: It's odd to have a perp ask you for your autograph while you're trying to shove him in the car. That's one thing that's how it's changed.

Can you talk about the impact that it has personally had on your lives being in a TV show and what you foresee coming out of a movie?{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Deputy Trudy Wiegel: Well the good thing about it in Reno, we only have about - we don't get first run movies.

Lt. Jim Dangle: No.

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: We have a very small movie theater; we just got E.T..

Lt. Jim Dangle: We got that; we just got something called In Her Shoes, which is wonderful.

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: I'll tell you something. He dies at the end and then he comes back to life.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: Well let me answer that and say this here. I was born with a face for the screen. You understand what I'm saying? From the minute I got in a whirl, hold on, I was like, 'Girl, look at your face!'

Lt. Jim Dangle: It's not really your face that they accentuate in a motion picture, I noticed.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: What?

Lt. Jim Dangle: Your face ain't the angle they choose to show.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: Of course it is.

Lt. Jim Dangle: I don't think it was your face that got the offer from King Magazine, was it?

Deputy Travis Junior: No.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Now I'm just checking.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: Why you hate me?

Lt. Jim Dangle: I don't hate you, I don't hate her; is King Magazine here?

Deputy Raineesha Williams: You got up this morning...

Lt. Jim Dangle: Is King Magazine here?

Deputy Raineesha Williams: You got up this morning and didn't even take a little glass of 'act right' and you're all over her in my business. Now I'm trying to answer the man's question and you talking about me. Why am I on trial?

Lt. Jim Dangle: I think what I said was a positive which is that you've got an offer from King Magazine to do a spread called 'Shazaam' or something like that. Is that - am I wrong?

Deputy S. Jones: She's got a big ass, y'all. Would you mind standing up and actually demonstrating - the ass?

Lt. Jim Dangle: What do you demonstrate about it?

Deputy Cherisa Kimball: No small part.

Lt. Jim Dangle: You mean show when you say demonstrate?

Deputy Cherisa Kimball: Oh Jesus.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: Anyway I was in the middle of saying...

Lt. Jim Dangle: Demonstration is like CPR.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: Sir?

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: I know what you're going to say. 'That broad been laying on us, we laughed off live and rock.'

Deputy Raineesha Williams: Anyway!

Deputy S. Jones: You weren't going to say that.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: Anyway my thoughts on becoming more of a celebrity - because I felt like I was already a celebrity - is this year I will now have the opportunity to cast a wider net and therefore find a man who is worthy of me getting my tubes untied. That's what I'm lookin' for.

Deputy S. Jones: Weren't they burnt off? I thought you burned your...

Deputy Raineesha Williams: I got 'em tied and then cut and then they burned 'em a little bit but still they can be.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: Back together. Thank you.

Deputy James Garcia: I'm not going to change; I'm still going to drive my Datsun B210 and take it to my mechanic, Roy Becker, and bowl on Tuesdays and watch Wheel of Fortune every night. I won't change.

Deputy Clementine Johnson: I wonder if it'll get me back stage in concerts.

Deputy Cherisa Kimball: I haven't shared this with the group but I would like to take this opportunity to say I have had a couple of interesting Bollywood offers that have been fielded to my assistant's assistant.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Bollywood, India?

Deputy Cherisa Kimball: Uh huh.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: You have an assistant?

Deputy Cherisa Kimball: Uh huh.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: Jeez!

Deputy Cherisa Kimball: All kinds of staff

Deputy Raineesha Williams: Wow.

Lt. Jim Dangle: I know you had that Staph infection; a lot of us got Staph at the International Inn.

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: I also got crabs; no, I mean it. There was a stand selling crabs and he was a peddler and he had a little and I bought a crab.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Go back to drawing the hamburger with the swastika who's running a skateboard that you're drawing. Why are you drawing that?

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: He also has a thing of peanuts.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Oh, G-d! I was really hoping you wouldn't show that to the entire world media.

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: Sure, pass this around.

Lt. Jim Dangle: No, don't pass it around.

Deputy Travis Junior: No.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Don't' pass it around.

Which uniforms do you prefer more: the Reno or the Miami Beach. I see you're wearing the Miami Beach uniforms today.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Deputy Raineesha Williams: They forced us to wear this; we didn't have a choice.

Deputy Travis Junior: Because of the smell of our Reno uniforms.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Yeah, they were a little sloppy.

Deputy Travis Junior: We got some complaints on the bus on the way down here. We were really starting to smell like Borat and those things.

Deputy James Garcia: I'm always going to choose white over brown. You can take that the way you want it.

Deputy Travis Junior: Ain't you Mexican?

Lt. Jim Dangle: You're Mexican!

Deputy S. Jones: You're not white, dude.

Lt. Jim Dangle: People down in Miami -

Deputy Travis Junior: I'm not going by a language spoken; we're talking about appearance so -

Lt. Jim Dangle: People in Miami got very upset with us. Apparently there are six or eight kinds of Mexicans.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: Whooo, there's a lot of 'em.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Yeah.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: They've got Dominicans, Cubans...

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: Taquitos.

Deputy Travis Junior: Taquitos ain't one of them.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Taquito's not one of them.

Deputy S. Jones: That's not a Mexican.

Deputy James Garcia: I defy anyone to tell the difference between a Haitian and a Cuban just by sight. Hard g-d damn thing to do.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Again, they're going to take this stuff out of context. This stuff now can be put together to make us sound dumb again.

Deputy Clementine Johnson: Everyone's the same color in the dark.

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: That's not true; I hear black people have really, really -

Deputy S. Jones: It's true.

This is for Dangle, Garcia and Junior. I wonder if you guys can talk a little bit about the importance of the mustache?{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Lt. Jim Dangle: Oh, sure. A mustache is - it's like finding your spirit name. Basically you kind of have to go on a walkabout and -

Deputy Travis Junior: Your mustache finds you.

Lt. Jim Dangle: It finds you; one day you wake up and it found you and then -

Deputy Travis Junior: You either go into law enforcement or self course on pornography.

Deputy S. Jones: That question should also go to Trudy. Trudy, your mustache is a little - just a little.

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: I got a coupon for laser and it didn't work out so good.

Deputy Cherisa Kimball: Well in Trudy's defense, this was shot in HD I think they call it and I didn't know I had a beard. I mean until I saw ...

Deputy Raineesha Williams: Yes you did! Yes you did!

Deputy Cherisa Kimball: It was like Sasquatch had consumed my body and was speaking for me. I mean try it some time, ladies. It's scary.

Have you guys ever considered the porn industry?{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Lt. Jim Dangle: Oh my goodness gracious, I would love to make a difference in the community doing something like that. Yeah.

Deputy Clementine Johnson: I was very interested in starting my own shower cam web-based business, but I signed my rights away to Fox so stupid me.

Lt. Jim Dangle: They would never put something like that on TV. They put Bill O'Reilly on but not her shower cam apparently.

Deputy S. Jones: Well I was in a dance troupe, 'Buns and Roses,' before I -

Deputy Clementine Johnson: They held roses in their buns.

Deputy S. Jones: Right.

Deputy Clementine Johnson: It was gorgeous.

Deputy S. Jones: And if there's anyone from Puppetry of the Penis here, I do a great trick called -

Lt. Jim Dangle: He made his own audition tape.

Up on you're My Space page?{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Deputy S. Jones: Yup.

Deputy Travis Junior: They took it down.

Lt. Jim Dangle: They took that down.

Did any of you feel exploited by how the movie showcased your body?{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Deputy Raineesha Williams: Why you looking at me?

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: We needed special shoes to go on beach patrol.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: Thank you! It wasn't like when they said, 'who wants to be on beach patrol?' We were like, 'pick us, pick us!' No.

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: We did do that.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Yeah, you did.

Deputy Travis Junior: No, that's exactly...

Lt. Jim Dangle: That's exactly what happened.

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: It was a different contest. I thought it was who could raise their hand the fastest.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Can I point something out? A lot of people have been commenting including King Magazine about Raineesha in the thong on the beach. That's not a thong; that was a regular, full back swimsuit. I don't know what happened there.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: We had to pick it out of a bin. You just get a suit out of the bin, you put it on. When in Rome -

Lt. Jim Dangle: Part of it just got caught in Donner Pass there.

Deputy James Garcia: Got sucked down like sand through the hour glass.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: You know, why am I on trial because I got a nice rump shaker. Why?

Lt. Jim Dangle: But they do take things out of context. For example, if you look at the picture, it looks like I'm constantly wearing a G-string made out of candy prancing around trying to have a tickle party with Jones.

Deputy Raineesha Williams: You weren't!

Lt. Jim Dangle: It happened three times.

Deputy Travis Junior: We were only there for 72 hours.

Lt. Jim Dangle: And it only happened three times and you see one of them.

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: And every time that candy underpants - I think it melted in your crack.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Yes.

Deputy James Garcia: It's real humid down there.

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: So you have to change them often.

Deputy Cherisa Kimball: And I think in general it's a misrepresentation in that, you know, the ways we screwed up, okay, you know, we screwed up. You know, it took a lot longer time for us to do all that screwing up than the movie insinuates.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Yes.

Deputy Cherisa Kimball: And it looked like that all happened in two hours. It really took a lot long to make all those things go wrong.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Yeah.

Have you gotten any criticism from animal rights activists for blowing up the whale?{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Lt. Jim Dangle: Yes, yes we have gotten them but you have to look at it like this. To the Eskimos, giving someone blubber is like the best thing you can do so the fact that we -

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: Even though it doesn't feel that way.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Even though we made it rain down a little bit has been taken out of context and people are also upset about the chicken, that we fired 800 or 900 rounds of ammunition at a chicken. The glass is half full because we also never hit it. Ever. I think looking back -

Deputy Clementine Johnson: The whale was dead when we got there.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Take that, Pam Anderson.

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: That chicken didn't die until I locked him in the car with the windows rolled up on the way back to the station.

Deputy Clementine Johnson: Shhhh! Shhhh!

Lt. Jim Dangle: Ahhh, we were going to cover that up. We were smoke screening that.

Deputy James Garcia: We saved somebody a lot of fees on cremation with the whale. Ok? It was dead like Clementine said. What're you going to do with it? Try to haul it away? We cremated it for free basically. We did somebody a service.

Deputy S. Jones: Everybody's got something to say.

Lt. Jim Dangle: There's no guide book.

Deputy S. Jones: Opinions are like people's butts. Everyone's got one. Ok?

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: That's not true. We have this guy Ray at the station -

Lt. Jim Dangle: Oh dear -

Deputy Trudy Wiegel: Who shot his butt off by accident.

Lt. Jim Dangle: There's no guide book. Okay? The whale's a perfect example that there is no guide book for law enforcement.

Deputy Travis Junior: That's not true.

Lt. Jim Dangle: I know what they say.

Deputy Travis Junior: It comes out quarterly.

Lt. Jim Dangle: Ok, I know, I know. I thought -

Deputy Travis Junior: It's got the guy on the front.

Lt. Jim Dangle: I know.

Deputy Travis Junior: It comes out every quarter, boss.

Lt. Jim Dangle: I know, but they don't get it.

Deputy Travis Junior: Oh.

Reno 911!: Miami hits theaters February 23rd; stay tuned throughout the week for the entire press conference.