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Matt Enright of The Penalizer fame, has directed yet another outstanding flick! This one is called The Rental, and with the help of guys like Marc Lispi, Joe Nelson, and Clint Hoagland, you are sure to laugh and cry over this action packed film!

Some urges need to be satisfied, but at what length would you go to accomplish your video store needs? The Rental is a must see! Watch it now!

We've got some new behind the scenes pictures for you from the production of The Penalizer! I found these things while doing some house cleaning this week. They are pretty damn funny, and I'm glad I got them up. Doesn't Brock look happy in that last picture? Yeah, a little too happy.

We have several projects in the works right now, including a Star Wars expansion film called "Twilight's Wrath," as well a feature length digital film written by Evan Jacobs a.k.a. Mushy. Stay tuned for our latest progress reports on these things!

Here's bit of interesting news. I guess a few days ago a letter was sent to a particular San Francisco based talent agency concerning extras for the the newest installment of The Matrix. Get your chance to be one of the hundreds of human batteries, and check out the info for being an extra here!

In Star Wars news, Brock found a bit over at Ain't It Cool containing a rumor about the new Star Wars movie title. What do you think of "Star Wars Episode II: The Shadow Falls"? Check out the full story here.

Stay Tuned...~Brian

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