The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King:USA Today confirmed today that the 3 minute trailer for this winter's finale to The Lord Of The Rings film will be attached to Secondhand Lions during it's 2nd week in release on September 26th!

Just as well, Ian McKellen, who plays the wizard 'Gandalf' in the film has been talking about the re-shoots and the end of the trilogy on his official site:

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I was due to complete filming on the Thursday, when the request came that I stay on in Wellington for a few extra rewrites, which then took up Friday and Saturday. So Monday became my final day. A camera crew for the South Bank Show, the veteran arts programme from London Weekend Television, got up early to meet me in the dark at 5.45am as I staggered up the metal steps of the make-up trailer where Rick Findlater was waiting to apply Gandalf's likeness for the very last time. I am glad that there is now a filmed record of the make-up application, masterly work. It became clear during the day that my new filming needed to extend into Tuesday, so the following day back we all congregated to film the start of the final final day -- except that it wasn't and I didn't actually finish until the next day. . . Wednesday 2nd July 2003.

It can be surprisingly tiring in heavy robes twisting and turning even only on the spot, stabbing and slicing the air as a sedentary director watching a TV monitor of the action a few yards away shouts encouragement "More vicious! Behind You! Again - hit him again! It's an effort! It's exhausting! One last effort!" Then blessedly after a couple of minutes when my arms feel they are about to drop off, it's "Excellent Ian! Alright?" as Peter levers himself up from the reinforced armchair (built years back for a visit from Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News) and hurries to shake my hand. "And that is a wrap on Ian McKellen!"