The Ring 2: According to Herald Net, film crews returned to Connor's ranch last week to shoot a few scenes for the movie's sequel, The Ring 2, due out early next year.

Connor's farmhouse and 50-acre ranch was the creepy setting. In "The Ring," the ranch was home to the Morgan family - a couple and their daughter torn apart by mental illness and murder. RELATED: Sadako Teaser & Poster: The Ghost from The Ring Is Back

Though the sequel will primarily be filmed in Oregon, director Hideo Nakata needed a few shots from the old location, said Alex Worman, a publicist for the movie.

The first time, crews did a month of preparatory work and a week of shooting at Connor's farm, and 200 people were on location, including the film's stars.

Early last week a crew of 60 began preparations and filmed all day Friday, closing Yeager Road north of U.S. 2 at intervals throughout the day.

Crew members asked her to let the grass grow for at least four weeks leading up to filming. They also took down some sections of fence and removed her mailbox and replaced it with another.

"It was a nice group this time. I was very, very pleased with the care they took with my property," Connor said. "It was mass chaos the first time."

The only actor on site this time was Gary Cole. He is primarily known for playing Bill Lumbergh in the cult classic "Office Space" and for reprising the role of Mike Brady in the 1990s Brady Bunch movies. He also had a recurring role as Rep. "Bingo" Bob Russell on "The West Wing."

Cole plays a real estate agent in "The Ring 2," charged with selling the haunted horse farm.

"We're definitely allowed to hang out and watch, but when they say, 'rolling,' you shut up and don't move until they say 'cut,' " Connor said.

During some downtime while filming the first movie, the crew gave Connor a movie star makeover in the same trailer where Watts was made up.

But Connor, a veterinarian who went to high school with actress Sigourney Weaver in Connecticut, is down-to-earth about her ranch's film credits.

"I'm thrilled to have them there," she said. "The farm has to earn a living. This is a great way for it to help pay for itself."

Karen Shaw, Everett's director of economic development and human needs, said she's disappointed "The Ring 2" will be filmed in Oregon rather than Washington. But she continues to get inquiries from location scouts for films and advertisements.