According to Variety, DreamWorks has pushed back the release of The Ring 2 from November to Thursday, March 24th, due to production delays.

Contributing to the slowdown were a last-minute director switch last spring and a need to coordinate with actress Naomi Watts' schedule.

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In March, Hideo Nakata took over the helming reins soon after Noam Murro dropped out.

The Japanese director helmed the original Ringu, upon which 2002 horror pic The Ring was based.

Jim Tharp, head of DreamWorks distribution, said the new date was chosen for its proximity to school and college spring holidays.

"Kids will be out of school and colleges will be out as well," he said.

The first "Ring" was released in October. Tharp said that while Halloween may have complemented the pic's scary theme, most of the film's business was done on the weekend because Oct. 31 is not an official holiday.

"Ring 2," in contrast, will be "more of a spring break kind of business."

Shooting began in May. A wrap date has not yet been determined.

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