Leia's Lightsaber has been revealed in the latest concept art from The Rise of Skywalker. As it turns out, part of its design came from an unlikely place. We've seen a decent amount of information about the Lightsabers used in the final installment from in the Skywalker Saga, including the Dark Rey version, which was only briefly shown on the big screen. However, Leia's has been the one that a lot of Star Wars devotees have been wondering about.

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I was fortunate to be one of the many people involved in the design of Leia's Lightsaber for Rise of Skywalker. The design begin as a prototype prop make and bounced between myself and the prop makers until being finalised. The emitter area was inspired by a Walter Von Nessen, Art Deco Lamp that JJ had taken a shine to. - - - - #lightsaber #propdesign #propdesigner #propmaking #3dmodeling #3dmodel #industrialdesign #filmdesign #madewithmodo #modo3d #conceptart #conceptartist #conceptdesigner #graflex #graflexflash #lightsaberhilt #lightsaberdesign #kylorenlightsaber #riseofskywalker #theriseofskywalker #industrialdesigner #starwarsprop #starwarsprops #darkreycosplay #leiaslightsaber #lightsaberdesign

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Concept artist Matthew Savage is the one responsible for the new look at Leia's Lightsaber from The Rise of Skywalker. The weapon is certainly unique and it looks rather elegant when compared to the rest of them. According to Savage, "The emitter area was inspired by a Walter Von Nessen, Art Deco Lamp that J.J. [Abrams] had taken a shine to." The concept art, along with the props that were all used in the movie are marked with the letter "Q" for queen. Savage went on to add that his design went back and forth with the prop team before a final design was settled upon. The concept art is pretty close to what ended up in the movie and even gives off the vibes of the Art Deco lamp.

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Lucasfilm Archivist Madlyn Burkert previously noted the Art Deco movement designs in the Lightsaber. "It's sort of streamlined and mechanical, but also organic at the same time," Burkert says. "You have these sharper lines, but there's also this very cool almost like sunburst design. And I think of that as being a little more organic." A silver and rose gold color was added to the base of the final design. "It has a belt hook but it also has the D-ring that some original trilogy lightsabers had."

Since Leia is such an integral part of the Star Wars universe, her Lightsaber had to be unique, especially since we had never seen her with one up to that point. Madlyn Burkert says that the construction is also a nod to the wardrobe worn by Natalie Portman's Padmé in the prequels. With that being said, the look was meant to have an element of high fashion at the same time, though that doesn't really seem like something Leia would have concerned herself with during her time.

The Rise of Skywalker is currently available to stream on Disney+ and purchase. Star Wars fans have been going back to watch the movie to get a better look at some of the Lightsabers, while also looking for things they may have missed. When it comes to things that might have been missed, the official novelization for the movie is the way to go, since it practically explains everything that was not included on the big screen. You can check out Leia's Lightsaber concept art below, thanks to Matthew Savage's Instagram account.