The Rise of Skywalker Honest Trailer has arrived. Star Wars fans have been waiting for this installment and it does not disappoint. The entire sequel trilogy is perfectly mocked, but especially the story in the final installment of the Skywalker Saga. When fans left theaters in late December, there were more than a few who were scratching their heads. A lot went down in the movie, but there were so many unanswered questions, which was pretty disappointing for the final movie in the trilogy.

Thankfully, The Rise of Skywalker Honest Trailer reveals that those of us left with questions were not alone. Right from the start, the trailer comes out swinging, nailing Disney for ditching Colin Trevorrow and knocking J.J. Abrams for being notoriously (and subjectively) bad at sticking an ending. The trailer also zeros right in on the fact that the movie practically makes Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi pretty much obsolete, which is something many fans took notice with right away.

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All of the major criticism pointed at The Rise of Skywalker is on full display in the nearly 8-minute Honest Trailer, including the missing parts of the story. The trailer hilariously points out that unless Star Wars fans were playing Fortnite, reading every interview with Chris Terrio, reading the Visual Guide, or reading the official novelization, there was no way to know what was going on. The Emperor is back, but it's not explained, nor are the Wayfinders that just seemed to pop up out of nowhere. It's all a big guessing game unless you go through all of the supplemental material.

Though The Rise of Skywalker was arguably just as divisive as The Last Jedi, it was a huge hit at the box office. Fans are still arguing about it to this day and they will more than likely continue to do so for the years to come, even though some are coming back around to it now that it's out on digital platforms. The Honest Trailer seems to highlight what many have thought this whole time, which is that Disney and Lucasfilm did not have a clear vision of where they wanted to the sequel trilogy to go after The Force Awakens.

The Rise of Skywalker tried to please everybody, which is not always a wise decision. The Last Jedi haters were proven to be right when just about every decision Rian Johnson made was reversed and fans looking for Star Wars nostalgia were rewarded too. Chewbacca even gets a participation trophy at the end of the movie. In the end, it's all in good fun, much like the Honest Trailer. It's not meant to be mean spirited, it's just pointing out some perceived flaws that many people have pointed out over the last few months. You can watch The Rise of Skywalker Honest Trailer above, thanks to the Screen Junkies YouTube channel.