The Rise of Skywalker actor Greg Grunberg hints that J.J. Abrams cut some huge footage from the movie. Star Wars fans are now able to watch the final installment in the Skywalker Saga from home and are giving the movie some careful viewings. The novelization and comic books have helped fill in the gaps from what was not explicitly explained in the final cut, which has angered some fans. But, there could be hope for more footage down the line, teases Grunberg.

In a new interview, Greg Grunberg spoke at length about The Rise of Skywalker and what was shot. The actor admits that there were plenty of his own scenes that J.J. Abrams had to take out and notes that he hopes to see them some day. Grunberg also stated that there are some pretty significant things that Abrams had to take out of the final cut. He explains.

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"I'm excited to see the DVD extras because there are some amazing moments that I have that I can't wait to see... There are so many other things - and huge things - that I think people are going to appreciate when they look at it."

While this sounds exciting, one can assume that the interview with Greg Grunberg was conducted before The Rise of Skywalker digital release. There are no deleted scenes included in the home release, so we might not ever see what the actor is referring to. He also does not think that the "J.J. Cut" of the movie exists. "Personally, I don't think there's any truth to that, and I would be surprised if there's a 'J.J. cut,'" he says. "Every movie goes through a series of cuts; it's just the nature of it. I don't buy into it at all."

So, where is all of this footage that Greg Grunberg is referring to? We do know that there is no extra footage of the Emperor Palpatine scenes. Visual Effects Supervisor Patrick Tubach debunked that rumor months ago when fans were hoping the Blu-ray release would have more of the villain in the extras. J.J. Abrams reportedly shot some alternate scenes, but those were with different lighting and angles, and have nothing to do with more storytelling.

For now, The Rise of Skywalker will have to stand on its own. If hardcore fans are inspired to learn more, there's the official novelization, which was just released earlier this week, and comic book miniseries, The Rise of Kylo Ren. The official Visual Dictionary is also a good place to seek out some background info. While the digital and physical release does not contain any deleted scenes, there is still some time for them to see the light of day. We'll just have to wait and see. The interview with Greg Grunberg was originally conducted by The Hollywood Reporter.