Adam Driver recently discussed the return of Kylo Ren's helmet in The Rise of Skywalker. The actor also discussed the character's ongoing story arc over the course of three installments. As Star Wars fans know, Kylo Ren threw a bit of a temper tantrum during The Last Jedi and destroyed his now-iconic helmet after Snoke called him a "child in a mask." The tantrum was, and is, still very much a part of the character's thought process and development, and the fractured helmet, now repaired, continues to show this.

When asked directly about the return of Kylo Ren's helmet in The Rise of Skywalker, Adam Driver had a lot to say. This is more than likely the actor's final time playing the character, who has gone through quite a bit of changes over the past four years, so it makes sense that Driver would have a lot to say during this press tour. Driver had this to say about the fractured helmet.

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"It's another good example of [writers J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio] kind of leading what's going on externally with the character with what is going on internally. That's not a new detail - it's been happening since The Force Awakens for that character. Even the first time we talked about putting on his suit, the suit was appropriately uncomfortable and that seemed like a really fun thing to play with - maybe he's literally uncomfortable in his own skin. It's restrictive in a way. And then he kind of goes through a rebirth over the second movie and starts to shed that a little bit and become who he is."

Kylo Ren did finally start to come into some kind of confidence during The Last Jedi, though it wasn't until the end of the movie. Even then, the villain didn't seem like he was where he was supposed to be, which was by design. Star Wars fans will see more of this development in The Rise of Skywalker. Adam Driver explains.

"He's a very unformed person, which is exciting to play and to have that be represented physically in a costume piece, or a lighting choice or, in this case, a helmet. It's a coming together, he's cherry-picked things he's looked at through his history and that he's decided he wants to claim for who he is. So it's a physical representation of how that character has grown."

Kylo Ren recently learned that Emperor Palpatine was the one behind all of the voices in his head in a TV spot for The Rise of Skywalker. While it's too soon to tell, it sure looks like ol' Palpatine was behind the First Order from the start, though we're not entirely sure how since he was blown to smithereens in Return of the Jedi when the Death Star blew up for a second time. Regardless, we're sure J.J. Abrams will explain it all very soon.

The Rise of Skywalker opens in theaters tonight for the Thursday preview screenings. While the final installment has been receiving mixed reviews from critics, it will dominate the box office this weekend all over the world. It will be interesting to see how it ends up doing when compared to The Last Jedi's opening weekend in 2017. The second installment in the sequel trilogy is still very divisive amongst fans. The interview with Adam Driver was originally conducted by Entertainment Weekly.

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