With The Rise of Skywalker now on home video, and with the novelization available, it seems like there is no better time to discuss some of the movie's big reveals, now that we've all had at least a little bit of time to digest them. Perhaps the biggest reveal comes, not just as the end of this movie, but the end of the whole Skywalker saga, with Rey taking on the name Skywalker. While this proved to be a controversial choice, author Rae Carson has a reasonably compelling argument to make in favor of it.

Rae Carson penned the Star Wars 9 novelization. During a recent interview, Carson discussed the whole Rey Skywalker thing and why she felt it was not only warranted, but the ultimate victory, as she describes it. Here's what Carson had to say.

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"When I was 18 years old, I took on the moniker of my stepfather to honor the bonds of love and trust between us. I imagine it was much the same for Rey, who wanted to honor her own chosen family. I recognize that Rey's decision proved controversial, and I look forward to discussing this with fans for years to come. But my current take is this: The entire Skywalker saga is about Palpatine turning or trying to turn Skywalkers to the dark side. He especially hopes that Rey will prove a worthy vessel for his own power and ambition and become the Skywalkers' final downfall. But in spite of all his efforts over the course of three generations, he fails. Rey rejects everything about him and takes on the Skywalker mantle and legacy. In the end, it's a Palpatine who turns to the light, thus handing the Skywalkers their ultimate victory."

This is an argument that is easy to see both sides of. I understand that Rey's now-infamous "Rey Skywalker" line left many fans feeling cold. I get it. But hearing Rey Carson's explanation feels compelling. Whether or not one feels the same way, it's hard not to at least see where she's coming from to some degree. We can argue about execution all day, and perhaps that's an argument for another time, but there is some emotional logic to it within the overall narrative.

J.J. Abrams directed Episode IX, having previously helmed The Force Awakens. The movie was intensely divisive amongst critics, but seemed to be less so with general audiences. Whatever the case, it wasn't the well-rounded home run Lucasfilm was looking for to round out the sequel trilogy. Still, it did bring in more than $1 billion at the global box office, making it yet another hit for the Disney era of Lucasfilm.

This did punctuate the Skywalker saga but more Star Wars movies are in the pipeline. At present, Disney has a release date locked down in December 2022. What will be there to fill that date? That is the million, or perhaps billion, dollar question right now. Whatever it ends up being, be it something in the Old Republic or something entirely new, just don't expect to see Rey Skywalker show up. This news comes to us via StarWars.com.

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