Warwick Davis talks about returning as Wicket in The Rise of Skywalker in a new behind-the-scenes featurette. Davis returned to play the iconic character in the final installment of the Skywalker Saga and was joined by his son, Harrison. J.J. Abrams was adamant about having the Ewoks return in the movie, even though they're barely seen. Davis was really happy to be able to include his son in the Star Wars fun.

Star Wars fans, for the most part, we're really happy to see the return of Wicket and to know that it was Warwick Davis back in character. Davis was also excited and explained what Wicket has been up to since the last time we saw him in Return of the Jedi. As it turns out, the little space bear has been expanding his family. Davis had this to say.

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"He's got older like I have, and he's had a child. The Ewok you see next to him is his son - and my son Harrison, in reality as well, which was a really lovely touch. [director J.J. Abrams] was really keen for us to play the characters together, which was lovely."

Warwick Davis has been in nearly every single Star Wars project released on the big screen since Return of the Jedi. He has played a number of different characters over the years, but Wicket is the one he's best-known for. The Ewoks are divisive characters since many fans are under the firm belief that they were included in the movie to sell toys, which may be true. However, the little space bears have a lot of fans after all of these years.

Though Wicket was only briefly shown in The Rise of Skywalker, it is often cited as one of the better parts of the movie by fans. Davis wasn't given any backstory for the part, but he explains to Harrison what to do in the shot. The two are seen looking up in the sky watching the First Order Star Destroyers explode. Davis explains.

"I think life's been okay for the Ewoks. Once they expelled the Empire, it seems like everything's been okay. The idea of that scene there was to be looking up and seeing that the First Order is falling and life is going to be good again. I wasn't given any backstory, but no doubt knowing the fans of Star Wars, there will be people creating these backstories."

The Rise of Skywalker will released on digital March 17th and Blu-ray March 31st. The Ewok featurette will be included on both versions of the movie when they arrive. And for fans looking to get even more information on the story, the novelization will be hitting the shelves next week too. Early reactions to the book have been positive and it fills in a lot of gaps in the storytelling. While we wait for the physical release of the movie, you can check out the Ewok featurette below, thanks to the Syfy Wire YouTube channel.