According to Variety, Michael Winterbottom's The Road to Guantanamo is set to do a Bubble release in Blighty.

Pic, which has its world premiere Tuesday in the Competition, will screen March 9 on Channel 4, which financed the production.

But Winterbottom's producer Andrew Eaton has struck deals to release the movie March 10 in cinemas, on DVD and via the Internet.

"When Channel 4 decided to broadcast it so quickly after Berlin -- which was the right thing to do -- we thought it was worth a crack to copy what Steven Soderbergh was doing with Bubble," Eaton said.

Eaton even consulted Soderbergh for advice on how to proceed.

He is worked with Tony Jones, head of the arthouse City Screen circuit, to book the movie on 20 to 30 screens, mostly utilizing the new Digital Screen Network set up by the UK Film Council.

As well as targeting the premier arthouse sites in the south of England, Eaton is planning a more intensive release across Yorkshire and Lancashire, the region where the three protagonists of the movie come from.

Road to Guantanamo is based on the true story of the Tipton Three - three British Asians who were captured in Afghanistan and whisked away to Camp X-Ray for two years before being released without charge.

Eaton is negotiating with Internet service provider Tiscali to make the movie available for download, and is in the final stages of inking a DVD distribution deal.

He is also likely to get P&A coin from the U.K. Film Council's distribution fund.

Most of the theatrical screenings will be digital, but there will be three or four 35mm prints for major cities such as Birmingham which don't yet have any digital screens.

Channel 4 is co-operating with the wider release. It has agreed to waive the contractual one-month holdback between the pic's TV premiere and internet release.

Eaton says he has "absolutely no idea" how the multiple release will work. "That's why we're doing it. We're all curious to know what will happen," he said.

He notes that while Bubble made little impact theatrically, it has sold like hot cakes on DVD. According to Eaton, Soderbergh told him that he regrets not being able to make his movie available via the Internet as well.

Meanwhile, Winterbottom is still rushing to complete the movie for its Berlin bow. As of Sunday, he was struggling with out-of-sync subtitles and planning to bring the movie with him when he flies in to Berlin tonight.

"It's the first time we've ever screened a film that literally no one has seen," Eaton said, with his fingers firmly crossed that it will actually be ready in time.

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