During recent talks with Empire Online, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson recently talked about his upcoming projects, including a family comedy called Daddy's Girl.

"In all likelihood, I will do a movie called Daddy’s Girl, with Disney, that I’m really excited about."

"It's great. Basically I’m a star quarterback on an NFL team, very brash and cocky, but not in the way of Tyrell Owens in the States but in the way of a Brett Favre who is so respected and everybody loves, but who has been single all of his life,” he explained. “His life gets turned upside down when his little daughter comes into his life, who’s six years old."

"We’ll get a beautiful girl, I’m sure, and she’ll be the star of the movie. I have a four-year-old baby girl, so it couldn’t have come at a better time,” The Rock continued. “And by the way it’s with the producers of The Miracle as well as The Rookie [Gordon Gray and Mark Giardi] so they understand the sensibilities of pulling at the heart. I can’t wait."