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Been a slow few weeks for news in Hollywood, but Sunday has brought with it some interesting bits for the Monday morning headlines... Here's the latest:

The Rock: WWF bad boy Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's plate just gets fuller and fuller. He is now being tipped to star in the big-screen adaptation of the hit Midway game Spyhunter. I, for one, can't wait to see the car!

Movie Picture{3} In a formal release Sunday, Warner Bros. have announced that director Alfonso Cuaron has signed on to direct the third installment in the Potter series entitled {4} Cuaron, whose most recent film {5} was a critical and art-house favorite, may seem an odd choice fo the project, but Warner Bros. was very pleased with his G-Rated {6} which he directed for the studio several years ago.

Chris Columbus, who directed the first two films in the series, has opted only to produce this film, citing his desire to be with his wife and children. He may return to the director's chair for the 4th film. Prisoner of Azkaban is scheduled for a summer 2004 release. Filming is expected to begin in England in January or February.

T3: Another (non-injury) accident on the set of T3: The Rise of the Machines... Seems that another Champion Crane was damaged during a 2nd Unit shoot Sunday in downtown Los Angeles. According to tipsters, the crane "hit a telephone pole/electrical pole, turning the pole into toothpicks!" The Crane has been rigged to do upwards of sixty miles-per-hour for a climactic chase sequence.

Thanks to: JjPetty and The Hollywood Reporter

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