While he may not be running in 2020, President Rock is still something that could be in this country's future. The idea of Dwayne Johnson possibly making a run for the highest office in the land was initially floated in 2017 and the idea just won't seem to die. Appearing on Saturday Night Live to jokingly announce that he would be running alongside the equally beloved Tom Hanks certainly didn't help cool things down on that front any. And, in fact, Johnson isn't ruling politics out in his future.

The wrestler-turned-actor is currently promoting his new movie Fighting with My Family, the WWE biopic on wrestler Paige that he produced and co-stars in, which recently debuted at Sundance. During an interview, Dwayne Johnson was once again asked about a potential future presidential run. Johnson ruled a 2020 run out last year, but he's reiterated that this is something he's taking very seriously under consideration for the future. Here's what Johnson had to say about it.

"I saw Kamala Harris' speech the other day and thought it was good. Just for me, I lack the experience, I lack a lot of things. Certainly not right now... I'm not ruling it out. I'm not ruling out the idea if I could make a bigger impact somehow, or potentially surround myself with good people."

Senator Kamala Harris recently announced her candidacy for 2020, who will be running against President Trump. The fact of the matter, if we take this under practical consideration for a moment, is that Dwayne Johnson would likely run as a Republican. So it actually wouldn't make much sense to run in 2020 against Trump anyhow. 2024 or beyond? That's another story. But as his producing partner and ex-wife Dany Garcia explains, their Seven Bucks Production company has their hands full and politics isn't something they're thinking about right now.

"At this point, we're not in politics, so why leverage this to make our audience feel that? If we were committed, we'd move the production company aside and say, 'This is who we are,' We have a relationship with the audience based upon a premise, and that's why they chose to have a relationship with us. What's my right to change that premise so that now you suddenly have a political relationship with me? You didn't choose to have a political relationship. Maybe now they do. But it's about respecting why you engaged with us."

For the time being, Dwayne Johnson's schedule is just too much to overcome. Coming down the pipeline he's got Hobbs & Shaw, Disney's Jungle Cruise, Jumanji 3, the original thriller Red Notice and another season of his HBO series Ballers. He's also got movies like DC's Black Adam, The King and the Big Trouble in Little China remake on the burner. With that in mind, he says that's where his focus will remain for the time being.

"We're staying in our lane. I have a lot of friends who are politicians, many former presidents, senators, former senators. You name it, on every level. While it is extremely flattering that a good amount of people feel that I should run for president, or make a decent president, or not suck at a being president, at the end of the day, I have a tremendous amount of respect for that position."

No question, Dwayne Johnson has cemented himself as a lovable figure who takes his ventures very seriously. Agree or disagree with the thought of him running for president, at least he wouldn't enter into such a thing lightly. This news was first reported by Indiewire.