While pimping there latest bank heist thriller The Bank Job, writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais were asked if they were planning a sequel to their Beatles musical Across the Universe. While there may be a staged production of the film at some point, they aren't focusing on the Beatles, per se, for their next project. They are instead turning to The Rolling Stones. At this time, they have a planned animated feature that will incorporate The Stones' music much the same way Across the Universe did with the Beatles music. It is entitled Ruby Tuesday.

Here is what they had to say about it:

Julie Tamar said there might be more to Across the Universe.

Dick Clement: How do you mean, "There might be more?" I don't think so. There was talk about doing it on stage, conceivably. Which we would welcome that. We love working with music. We've done a lot of things that deal with music. We would love to do that again. We wrote an animated film before the strike that features the music of The Rolling Stones. Obviously, that is not just a kiddy film. You can't do The Stones, and think it will just be for kids. We hope that will get made in the next couple of years.

Ian La Frenais: The film was supposed to start next month. It is called Ruby Tuesday

Is that being done in the same style as Across the Universe?

Ian La Frenais: It is going to be CGI. It will be interesting. The animation is actually going to be done in Paris. It will be some pretty hip animation. It is amazing how many French animators work at Dreamworks. When we were doing Flushed Away, we were over there. It was like a foreign campus.

Dick Clement: They even had a wine list.

Is the film going to be rated R?

Ian La Frenais: Well, no. It will never be rated R. It is not that raunchy.

Dick Clement: It's not a new "Fritz the Cat".

Ian La Frenais: I can't imagine "Sympathy for the Devil" being in "Fritz the Cat". We'll have to get a balance, it just can't be for kids, though. You know what I mean?

Dick Clement: It is a lot edgier.

Ian La Frenais: There is a little child in it. Ruby has a little child.

Clement and Frenais' latest project The Bank Job opens March 7th, 2008.