Have you been dying to see The Room in ultra-high definition or, perhaps even better yet, 3D? If you fall into that category, it sounds like you might be in luck. Creator of The Room, Tommy Wiseau, who also wrote, stars in and directed the famous cult movie (though it came to light that maybe he didn't direct it after all) has promised that a 3D and 4K version of the movie is on the way. While he didn't offer up any details, it sounds like he's trying to further profit off of the movie any way he possibly can.

Tommy Wiseau recently joined Twitter in order to help promote The Disaster Artist, which chronicles the making of The Room, as it was rolling out in theaters. He's remained quite active ever since and regularly responds to fan inquiries. One such fan asked if we'll ever see an HD version of The Room, to which Wise responded, "5.1, 4K, 3D." If that really is the case, it sounds like we could be seeing some magnificent spoon art in 3D in the near future.

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The Room is considered by many to be the worst movie ever made. However, that's helped elevate it to cult status and helped the movie remain a part of pop culture ever since its initial failed release in 2003. The movie centers on Johnny (Wiseau) and his best friend Mark (Greg Sestero), and a love triangle with Johnny's wife, Lisa. It sounds simple enough, but things get very weird, very fast and they never stop being weird. Midnight screenings of the movie are regularly held in major cities across the country to sold-out crowds. Many have even come up with rituals to partake in during the movie, such as throwing spoons at the screen, or quoting along with some of the more famous lines.

Thanks to the success of The Disaster Artist, which was recently snubbed at by the Academy Awards largely thanks to the recent sexual misconduct claims brought against James Franco, The Room has felt something of a surge. Recently, the movie was given a wide release for the first time ever, playing on hundreds of screens across the country. Even though the $5 million movie was a bomb initially, it's turned a profit since. And, given that Tommy Wiseau fully-funded the movie himself, he retains all of the rights and all of the profits. Given the renewed interest, it's no wonder he would explore doing a 3D and 4K release of The Room.

Odds are, he'll just sell copies of the movie through his website, which is currently the only place you can buy a new copy of The Room. You've got to hand it to the guy, he's certainly found a way to make the most of this whole thing. There's no other information available currently for the potential 3D release of The Room, but keep an eye out on Tommy Wiseau's Twitter and he'll be sure to let us know when more details come about. Is it too much to hope for a 3D theatrical release?