The Room, considered by many to be the worst movie ever made, is getting a wide theatrical release next month. That's right. After more than 14 years, Tommy Wiseau's cult movie, which would be a stretch to call a classic, but there's something that makes this movie stick, is going to make its way to theaters all across the country for the first time ever. The event is taking place on January 10 and is being done via Fathom Events, who will bring The Room to more than 600 theaters. That's a whole lot of spoon art and "hai Mark."

Tommy Wiseau has since become a bit of a pop culture icon, given his very eccentric behavior and mystery surrounding the man. Nobody actually knows how old he is, where he's from or how he became rich enough to finance The Room himself. A movie he also wrote, directed, produced and starred in. Here's what Wiseau had to say to The Hollywood Reporter about the upcoming wide release for The Room, which tickets are already on sale for.

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"It's really great because it's going to tackle the other areas where people aren't aware of the room still. I've never called it a cult phenomenon, or whatever they call it. I call it a free expression, that's what The Room represents. I encourage people to express themselves in the screenings. A ton of people ask me, 'Why do you encourage that?' I say, 'Why not?' What I wanted was to give them a smile and it's their choice if they want to express themselves."

In case you aren't familiar, The Room centers on Johnny (Wiseau) and his best friend Mark (Greg Sestero), and a love triangle with Johnny's wife, Lisa. And that's pretty much it. But the bizarre structure, filming style, pacing, editing and pretty much everything else about the movie have made it a clearly bad movie, but something that people need to see for themselves. Midnight screenings are regularly held in major cities across the country to sold-out crows who have rituals for the movie, such as throwing spoons at the screen, in honor of the strange spoon art displayed in the movie, or quoting along with lines like the very famous, "You're tearing me apart, Lisa."

Even though it's been 14 years since The Room initially debuted in Los Angeles, making mere thousands against its reported budget of more than $5 million, the timing seems absolutely perfect. For one, each of these screenings of The Room will feature a new trailer for Best F(r)iends, which stars Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero, who he made The Room with. Also, with The Disaster Artist, a movie directed by James Franco that chronicles the making of The Room, in theaters currently, people all across the country are very aware of this movie right now.

If you've ever wanted to see The Room, even out of morbid curiosity, this may be your best chance to do it. It's a terrible movie, but something that is greatly enhanced by seeing it with a crowd of people. For theaters showing The Room near you on January 10, or to buy tickets, visit TheRoom.Movie.