In celebration of the upcoming 25th anniversary of The Sandlot on April 7th, 20th Century Fox Consumer Products and Funko have knocked it out of the park with the unveiling of The Sandlot Pop! figures. These figures are arguably some of the best that Funko has ever done with the only complaint being that they didn't make the whole gang, which seems like a pretty big oversight. Hopefully Funko ends up making a series 2, because the demand will surely be high enough.

The new Funko Pop! figures of The Sandlot feature the memorable characters of the beloved coming-of-age baseball film, including the starting lineup of Smalls, Benny, Ham, Squints, The Beast, and a Target exclusive, a Squints & Wendy 2-pack. The Sandlot and Funko Pop! collection will arrive in stores this June. As previously noted, we need the rest of the team. We need Kenny, Yeah Yeah, and the Timmons brothers to make the set fully complete.

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New Era and Fox Consumer Products have also collaborated to develop a new hat line featuring iconic moments from The Sandlot, which will be customized for local major league baseball teams. The comprehensive program will be available in store and online later this Spring along with new t-shirts at Spencer's Gifts. The popular store in malls all over North America is offering three designs of the iconic "You're Killing Me Smalls" t‑shirt design. The 25th anniversary of The Sandlot is already proving to be quite a big deal. The beloved family movie has been a staple since its release and keeps getting passed down to younger generations.

If all of that wasn't enough, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is released a special 25th Anniversary collector's edition of The Sandlot on Tuesday, March 27th. This crowd-pleasing collection includes a set of 10 custom Topps baseball cards, which features Scotty Smalls, Benny "The Jet" and the rest of the ragtag roster, created exclusively for this release. The major-league treatment continues with an all-new booklet filled with behind-the-scenes photos from the film director's personal archive and an all-new, full-color poster. Ricardo Cruz, Head of Global Fashion for 20th Century Fox Consumer Products had this to say,

"We are so thrilled and thankful for our incredible fans that have supported The Sandlot over the last quarter century. The countless Sandlot t-shirts sold are a testament to our fashion partners, TLine and Hybrid Apparel; we look forward to future collaboration as we introduce new fashion programs around this quintessential baseball film."

Critical acclaim for The Sandlot, focused on its charm and nostalgia, continues and the movie ranks in the Top 10 Best Baseball Movies of all-time by critics, sport fans and movie-lovers alike. While all of the rest of the merchandise is cool and all, Funko really needs to step up their game and get the rest of the team ready for release. Two Squints is a little overkill, especially since he gets the special 2-pack treatment with Wendy. While we wait for them all to be released, you can check out the images of The Sandlot Pop! figures below, provided by Funko's Twitter account.

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