It's time for a little bit of indie sasquatch fun on DVD.

The Sasquatch Gang is coming to DVD on March 18. The disc will be priced at $24.98. The comedy stars Justin Long, Joey Kern and Jeremy Sumpter.

Movie Picture

As a trio of fantasy-obsessed, sword fighting geeks attempt to prove that the giant tracks discovered deep in the forest offer undisputed proof that Bigfoot truly exists, a stoned out bully and his best friend scheme to profit from their elaborate prank before an overzealous Sasquatch hunter arrives to blow the whole scam sky high. His beloved Pontiac Firebird threatened with repossession by the bank, mullet-haired menace Zerk (Justin Long) convinces his best-friend Shirts (Joey Kern) to help raise money to save car by selling plaster casts of fake Bigfoot tracks on the internet. When role playing dweebs Gavin (Jeremy Sumpter), Hobie (Hubbel Palmer), and Maynard (Rob Pinkston) stumble upon the falsified "evidence" they naively assume it to be the genuine article. Now, self-proclaimed Sasquatch expert Dr. Artemis Snodgrass (Carl Weathers) is on his way to town to verify the widely reported discovery. With little time to loose before their ruse if revealed, the lame-brained internet scammer and his pal rush to cash in as quickly as possible in order to save Zerk's sweet ride from the dreaded repo man.

Special Features

- Audio commentary from writer-director Tim Skousen

- Deleted scenes