Labor strife heats up Hollywood once again. According to Variety, the Screen Actors Guild rejected the Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers latest offer on Thursday. Heated remarks were made in closing by Carol Lombardini, executive vice-president of AMPTP, which indicated that the current offer may even be trimmed down.

"It is no secret that we are in a deteriorating economy," Lombardini said. "Our companies are not immune from the effects of this economic slowdown. It is very possible that, as a result of changing economic conditions, we will have to reevaluate the offer we have on the table."

SAG president Alan Rosenberg said he would not even send the offer out to the 120,000 members of SAG, adding, "We can't recommend a deal that they won't approve."

Also, SAG national executive director Doug Allen stressed that they did not wholly reject AMPTP's deal.

"We accepted pieces of their offer," he said. "And we made several big moves in their direction. So to say we rejected is not fair."

However, Lombardini added that this was their final offer and would refuse to look at counter-offers.