Bleecker Street has released a new trailer for The Secrets We Keep. The Post-World War II thriller features a cast led by Noomi Rapace (Prometheus, What Happened to Monday) and Joel Kimmaman (Suicide Squad, Altered Carbon). It promises to be a dark, emotional drama. Even though this is dealing with elements of the war, as we can see from the trailer, this is far from your average war movie.

The trailer quickly lives up to the promise of the title, with Noomi Rapace revealing a big secret to her husband. We then get a sense of some of the horrors her character, along with her family, endured during the war. It then becomes a twist-filled tale of revenge, with a supposed former German soldier being held accountable for his alleged misdoings. Assuming he is indeed the guy he's suspected of being, which is up for debate. It's a tangled web that provides a seemingly unique take on the WWII sub-genre. Not focusing on the war, but the post-traumatic stress it caused for so many.

Yuval Adler (The Operative) is in the director's chair. Daler co-wrote the screenplay alongside Ryan Covington, Yuval Adler. The cast also includes Chris Messina (The Mindy Project, Birds of Prey) and Amy Seimetz (Pet Sematary, Alien: Covenant). Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Erik Howsam, Stuart Ford, Greg Shapiro and Adam Riback serve as producers. Rapace, Greg Clark, Andrea Scarso and Jamie Jessop are executive producers. Andrew Karpen, CEO of Bleecker Street, had this to say about the movie.

"Yuval's film is propelled by exciting performances from Noomi, Joel and Chris in this chilling post-WWII thriller. We look forward to bringing the film to audiences nationwide."

The Secrets We Keep takes place in America in the aftermath of World War II. A woman (Noomi Rapace) is rebuilding her life in the suburbs with her husband (Chris Messina). Things take a turn when she kidnaps her neighbor (Joel Kinnaman), seeking vengeance for the heinous war crimes she believes the man committed against her in the past. A poster has also been released, which we've included for you to check out. It features the tagline, "A quiet neighborhood. A Deadly past."

Movie theaters have been mostly shut down in the U.S. since mid-March, save for drive-ins, which have helped to keep the box office alive. But that has been changing in recent weeks, as more theaters have resumed operations. Major chains such as AMC, Regal and Cinemark are expected to open their doors before the end of the month in anticipation of new releases like The New Mutants and Tenet. This will also be part of a growing slate that will hopefully help get the movie business back on its feet after a brutal several months. The Secrets We Keep will open in theaters on September 16, with the VOD release scheduled a month later on October 16 from Bleecker Street. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.

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