The July 4th Ball took place at the Overlook hotel in 1921, meaning we've reached the 100th anniversary of the fictional event shown at the end of The Shining. Directed by Stanley Kubrick and based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, The Shining stars Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance, a writer who goes insane and tries to kill his family while looking after the Overlook hotel in its off-season. His wife (Shelley Duvall) and son (Danny Lloyd) manage to escape, leaving Jack to freeze to death in the snow.

In the closing moments of the movie, a photograph is shown on the wall of a hotel hallway. Standing right at the front of a large crowd of partygoers is Jack, suited up in a tux and clearly having a good time with a smile on his face. What's most peculiar is the date on the photo - July 4th, 1921 - which only deepened the mystery of the Overlook hotel. Kubrick later said that the purpose of the photo is to suggest the "reincarnation of Jack."

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Now that we've reached the 4th of July in 2021, it's officially the 100th anniversary of the July 4th Ball at the Overlook hotel. It's led to The Shining to trend a full century to the day the event from the movie took place, as many fans are sharing the photo and celebrating the occasion.

"It was 100 years ago today that Jack Torrance (who has ALWAYS been the caretaker) shone his trademark grin for a celebratory photo at the Overlook," one fan tweeted. "The Shining is, for me, the absolute peak of major-studio horror cinema. It has a truly uncanny, disturbing, enveloping power."

"Happy 4th of July! Also, it's the 100 year anniversary of the ballroom photo in The Shining," tweets another fan.

Another tweet reads: "100 years ago today, Jack Torrance was forever immortalized in the overlook hotel July 4th ball in The Shining."

And another fan says, "DID YOU KNOW - the photo at the end of The Shining (1980) was taken at the Fourth of July ball 100 years ago this year?? Hope all of my American friends and followers have a wonderful and safe Independence Day!"

In 2019, filmmaker Mike Flanagan revisited the world of The Shining with the sequel Doctor Sleep. It stars Ewan McGregor as an adult Dan Torrance and features a return to the Overlook. Meanwhile, HBO Max is also developing a spin-off series to the original movie called Overlook to be produced by Warner Bros. TV and Bad Robot Productions. The 10-episode drama series will delve into more of the untold stories from the terrifying hotel. Dustin Thomason and Scott Brown (Castle Rock) will write and executive produce.

The Shining is currently streaming on HBO Max if you want to revisit the movie in honor of the Overlook hotel July 4th Ball's 100th anniversary. Its sequel Doctor Sleep is also available to watch on the platform. As for the spin-off series, Overlook, a release date hasn't yet been set for the show. In any case, you can also see what others are saying and join in on the celebration of the iconic photo of the 1921 July 4th Ball on Twitter.