Horror fans have reason to celebrate, as The Shining is heading back to theaters in its newly restored, 4K version. Warner Bros. has decided to bring the Stanley Kubrick classic back to the big screen for a two-night event in honor of Doctor Sleep, the upcoming sequel to the iconic Stephen King tale. What better way to prepare for such a thing then by watching the original in ultra high-definition?

The Shining, in its newly restored form, will play in theaters across the country on Thursday, September 26 and Tuesday, October 1. To commemorate the occasion, a new poster has been revealed that is loaded with some of the most recognizable imagery from the movie. We see an outline of Jack Torrence with his bloody ax. Contained inside that outline is Danny riding his tricycle, the Overlook Hotel and some of Jack's typed up pages. The poster alone would be enough to get fans excited, but the possibility of seeing this on the big screen, possibly for the first time, is also a tantalizing prospect.

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The poster also reveals that tickets for Doctor Sleep will be going on sale starting October 25. Those who attend one of these screenings of The Shining will be treated to a sneak peek of Doctor Sleep. What that will include? It's difficult to say. Warner Bros. did something similar with IT Chapter Two ahead of its release. The studio re-released IT in theaters for two-nights as well, including a preview of the sequel. It could be a featurette. It could be an extended scene. For now, there is no further information, so all we can do is speculate.

We were recently treated to a final trailer for Doctor Sleep. The recent trailer, and marketing in general, has been heavy on The Shining connections. Warner Bros. knows that's the big hook here and they're leaning into it in a big way. These screenings speak to that as well. This Stephen King adaptation comes from director Mike Flanagan. Previously, Flanagan directed King's Gerald's Game for Netflix, which was previously viewed as un-adaptable. So he may well be the man for the job. And it's a big job, considering that Stanley Kubrick's movie has gone on to become one of the most beloved horror movies of all time.

Though, things didn't start out that way. Critics were divided on The Shining when it was first released and it was, at best, a modest hit. Yet, over the years, it's been widely embraced by cinephiles as one of the true classics and one of Kubrick's finest achievements. This, despite the fact that Stephen King hasn't been shy about the fact that he's not a huge fan of the interpretation of his work. Doctor Sleep is set to arrive in theaters on November 8. Be sure to check out the new poster below. To grab tickets for The Shining re-release, head on over to Fandango.

The Shining 4K restoration poster