Jimmy Carrey becomes Jack Torrance in a new deepfake video pulled from The Shining. And it's no laughing matter. Carrey was known early on in his career for doing his Jack Nicholson impression. It's a funny bit, perfected over the years. And many have wondered what it would be like if this version of Jack replaced the real thing. No we get to see what that looks like, and it's as far removed from being funny as anything can be.

Jimmy Carrey's face has replaced Jack Nicholson via deepfake technology, and it's unnerving to say the least. You can still see bits of Jack peeking through, and we hear the actor's real voice coming out of Jim Carrey's mouth. More than anything, it's creepy. And it brings a chilling new look at an iconic scene from one of the greatest horror movies of all time.

Here, we see Jack Torrance typing away, trying to finish his novel. His wife Wendy interrupts. And Jack goes a little crazy, berating his wife and essentially telling her to get lost. Even if she does promise some delicious sandwiches in the near future. Watching Jim Carrey play this scene opposite Shelly Duvall is more unsettling than the real thing. The dialogue as spoken in the movie could be funny as delivered by the real Jim Carrey. But here it is not.

Jim Carrey has always had a dark edge, but he's never been able to transfer that into a successful career as a dramatic leading man. He's tried on numerous occasions. He's always been up to the task, but audiences haven't been able to connect to the more serious material he's approached over the years, or simply shunned it altogether.

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He has found success with a few dramatic roles in what are otherwise comedic movies. The Truman Show, which had plenty of funny moments, was the actor's first attempt at more serious fare, and it was fairly successful. He also starred in the biopic Man on the Moon, but that was about comedian Andy Kaufman, so it wasn't all serious business. Perhaps his most dramatic role came in 2001's The Majestic, which failed to nab him an Oscar and was only mildly successful at the box office.

Jim Carrey did come close to the horror genre with the crime thriller The Number 23, where he ditched his comedic persona entirely, giving a Jack Torrance worthy performance in what would become one of his biggest flops of all time. No one at the time really wanted to watch Jim Carrey in this light. He hasn't really gone that serious since, though his cameo in The Bad Batch is pretty dark. And in 2016, he took on the lead in the thriller Dark Crimes, which was also a huge departure for the actor.

Jack Torrance won't necessarily return in Doctor Sleep, which is a sequel to The Shining. But his presence will definitely be felt. We have to wonder, with Jack Nicholson all but retired, would Jim Carrey have been the next best bet to bring the character back to the big screen? He appears scary enough to have pulled it off. This latest deepfake video comes from Ctrl Shift Face.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange