A super rare, never-before-seen cut of The Shining is currently up for auction. Stanley Kubrick is widely considered to be one of the greatest directors who ever lived and one of his most important works is his adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining. Despite the fact that King is not a fan of Kubrick's interpretation, it's one of the finest horror movies ever made and now, you can be the first to see a rare cut of the movie, containing a brand new scene that was never released, assuming you have the money to shell out for it.

This very rare cut of The Shining was recently listed on the French auction site Aste Bolaffi by Emilio D'Alessandro, who was the late Stanley Kubrick's assistant. He listed various items from movies like A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket and Dr. Strangelove as well, but it's this cut of The Shining that seems to be by far the most interesting piece in the collection, as this cut contains a scene that has never been shown to the public and makes it the longest cut of the movie in existence. Here's the description from the listing.

"Long cut of the original film The Shining containing the scene in which Wendy, played by Shelley Alexis Duvall, carries Danny, played by little Danny Lloyd. These cuts, given by Kubrick to D'Alessandro, are particularly rare because the director notoriously burned all the leftovers at the conclusion of the editing."

The starting bid for this cut of The Shining is around $3,700, but there's no telling what it will ultimately go for. The other item of interest for horror fans, specifically fans of The Shining, is the actual burgundy jacket that Jack Nicholson's Jack Torrance wore throughout the movie. This item is really gonna set you back, as it has a starting bid of around $12,000. Here's what the listing has to offer about the jacket.

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"The jacket was chosen by Academy Award-winning costume designer Milena Canonero after Jack Nicholson insisted it should be worn by his character, Jack Torrance, and a small number of it were made for the shooting of the film. This jacket is one of the most iconic stage outfits of American and universal cinema. Nicholson wears this jacket throughout much of the film, as he slowly descended into madness during his stay with his family at the Overlook Hotel, so much so that it is almost imprescindible from his character."

Hopefully, whoever winds up with this copy of The Shining will find a way to make this scene, or the entire cut, available to those who want to see it. If you can't afford this special cut of The Shining, or Jack Torrance's jacket, there are quite a few other Stanley Kubrick items up for auction, and some look as though they will go for pretty reasonable amounts. To check out everything currently available for auction as part of The Kubrick Collection, head on over to Aste Bolaffi.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott