Experience the extraordinary diversity of Jewish life and the legacy of the Holocaust with a set of touching and inspirational DVDs in The Simon Wiesenthal Collection. The collection features narration by Hollywood legends including Elizabeth Taylor, Orson Welles, and Nicole Kidman. These documentaries, from the Moriah Films unit of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, recount harrowing yet uplifting tales that form an informative mosaic of the Jewish experience in the 20th century. SRP for the collection is set at $59.97 and pre-book is Aug. 9, 2007. The Simon Wiesenthal Collection will be available at retail September 11, 2007 in time for the High Holy Days.

Born in the Ukraine, Simon Wiesenthal was educated in architectural engineering, a background that may have helped save his life more than once during the war. In all, Wiesenthal spent time in 12 concentration camps, including one where he was seconds away from death at the hands of the SS, but was saved by an empathetic SS commander. Simon and his wife, Cyla, together lost at least 89 family members during the Holocaust. In his last internment, at the Mauthausen concentration camp, freedom arrived with the Allied liberation of the camp in May 1945. Soon after, Wiesenthal set upon a remarkable campaign to bring Nazi criminals to justice, an effort that evolved to truly global proportions. With no formal training as an investigator, Wiesenthal assisted U.S. and Israeli officials in tracking and capturing more than 1,100 of Nazi Germany's worst war criminals, including the Gestapo officer who arrested Anne Frank, and the mastermind of Hitler's Final Solution, Adolf Eichmann.

Wiesenthal was honored in 1977 by the dedication of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, based in Los Angeles, which promotes awareness of anti-Semitism, monitors neo-Nazi organizations and manages the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. Though very few Nazi war criminals are thought to be alive, the Center continues the struggle to bring these individuals to justice.

The Simon Wiesenthal Collection features the following films:

I Have Never Forgotten You - The powerful new documentary on the life and legacy of Simon Wiesenthal, narrated by Oscar winner Nicole Kidman.

Echoes That Remain - Rare photos and unseen footage create this poignant portrait of Eastern European Jewry before the Holocaust.

Genocide - The 1981 landmark Academy Award-winning documentary narrated by Elizabeth Taylor and Orson Welles.

Unlikely Heroes - Discover the unknown and long-untold stories of the men and women of the Jewish Resistance during the Nazi reign.

Liberation - Patrick Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg and Sir Ben Kingsley narrate this gripping look at the transgressions and triumphs of the Allied war effort.

The Long Way Home - The 1997 Academy Award-winning documentary explores the plight of Jewish refugees who survived the Holocaust.

Ever Again - A startling study of violent anti-Semitism throughout modern Europe and its connection to recent terrorism.

In Search Of Peace - The epic story of the creation of Israel, narrated by Michael Douglas with Anne Bancroft, Edward Asner and Richard Dreyfuss.

Beautiful Music - The unforgettable true story of an Orthodox Jewish music teacher and a blind, autistic Palestinian piano prodigy.

In addition to the collection, Starz Home Entertainment will be releasing Ever Again and I Have Never Forgotten You individually. Both films will carry a SRP of $19.97 and are also available on September 11, 2007.

The Simon Wiesenthal Collection Technical Specs:

- Run Time: 811 Min

- Rating: Not Rated

I Have Never Forgotten You Technical Specs:

- Run Time: 105 Minutes

- Rating: PG-13

Ever Again Technical Specs:

- Run Time: 74 Minutes

- Rating: Not Rated