In preparation for the New Year, Homer, Marge and many of their fellow Springfieldians vow to change their ways in 2007:

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"I resolve to lose 10 pounds, and then gain it back by Valentine's Day."

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"I resolve to finally learn how to make pancakes that don't stick to the pan. Bart helped me come up with that one."{@IMG:34M1X0vV17L5q6WzbkQl2UHfResA5f|Movie [email protected]}KRUSTY "In 2007, I promise not to keep using the same old jokes I've been telling since 1961."{@IMG:h4Gc5NXbd48NfsEBuziKqwd1CshLMl|Movie [email protected]}CHIEF WIGGUM "In the coming year, I resolve to learn how to work the safety on my gun."{@IMG:ZN9rlqyubeWHkUqruDRPBB7DM2Uqop|Movie [email protected]}COMIC BOOK GUY "In 2007, I resolve to boldly go where I have never gone before - out on a date with a woman."{@IMG:NkzVbh7YTdtX0BP4jlQ94nhaI4ldWx|Movie [email protected]}BARNEY "I resolve to quit drinking ... coffee. It leaves less room for beer."{@IMG:uqdGEiOsxg69LFrv6XJ7AcplYKh1aU|Movie [email protected]}NED FLANDERS

"I resolve to be pious and kind and gentle and ... yippee, skippee I already am! Happy 2007, everybody!"The Simpsons returns with all new-episodes Sunday, Jan. 7 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on Fox.