Disney owns The Simpsons now, and what they do with it beyond the upcoming already locked in seasons is anyone's guess. The Simpsons Movie 2 has been talked about since the original landed in theaters way back in 2007. Yet, thirteen years later we're no closer to seeing a sequel than we were back then. Now, in a new interview, producer Al Jean offers an update on what is happening with the Simpsons' return to the big screen.

So, will we ever see Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie making a trip back to the local megaplex? The hope is that, yes, The Simpsons Movie does get a sequel. But it could still be very far away. And guess what? It won't really be a sequel to the first big movie. Which makes complete since. Instead, this will be a standalone entry in the Simpsons canon.

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Perhaps The Simpsons Movie 2 will go straight to Disney+, Disney's new streaming app which has proven to be quite popular. Though this is a big franchise for them, and to properly cash in, they'd want to bring it to theaters before debuting it on their streaming platform. Or at least one would think that would be the case. When asked if Disney has any interest, streaming or otherwise, in moving forward with The Simpsons Movie 2, producer Al Jean offers this insight into the production process.

"I would say yes although we're just in the very, very early stages. We would love to do one for Disney but it's not like it's happening next week or next year. At D23 Matt said, "I think it's gonna happen" and I agree with that. So I agree with that statement. I believe it will happen."

The Simpsons Movie 2 won't be a quick cash grab. Al Jean promises that the movie will only happen if they have a story that needs to be told on the big screen. Which is why it's taken 13 years to even get talks revved up. He says this about the importance of finding material for The Simpsons that will be movie-worthy, and the fact that the process is not any easier with one movie already having been finished to great acclaim.

"It's never easier. This I'm sure of. We would only do it if it was an idea that we thought deserved being made into another movie. We certainly don't need to have more Simpsons out there just for the money or to have additional material. We would do it if we thought it was a great story and we wanted to tell it."

When asked if this next movie would be a standalone movie instead of a sequel, Al Jean offered one simple word, 'Correct'. So don't expect the return of Spider-Pig. Or maybe do, who knows. We've been talking about this for so long, it will be a miracle if it ever happens. When Disney bought Fox they expressed their interest in more Simpsons projects, be they movies or spin-offs. So we'll have to wait to see what the future has in store for America's favorite yellow family. This story originated at /film.