If you stayed past the credits after The Simpsons Movie, you were treated to the first word from Maggie Simpson: "Sequel." According to MTV Movies Blog which interviewed director David Silverman, that ominous word is quite a ways off.

"At the moment we have a little situation, a little labor dispute," Silverman said. "It has put things on hold."

He did say that he supported the writers, and that the sequel's development will be clearer once the dispute has ended.

"I'm there for the writers, too. When that's resolved we'll see some movement in that direction," Silverman promised with a smile. "It's kind of hard to make predictions about the future."

The story added that, while talks on a sequel won't begin until the strike has been resolved, that also means they'll be getting back to work on The Simpsons television program, so it could be several years before we see another dose of the yellow folks from Springfield up on the big screen again.

Silverman marked his uncertainty in mimicking Homer J. Simpson himself.

"As Homer would put it, 'I don't know,'" Silverman said.