Pixar will be breaking tradition in a big way with the release of its latest movie Onward. A new The Simpsons short will debut in front of the lastest from Disney/Pixar titled Playdate with Destiny. Historically speaking, Pixar movies have featured shorts from the acclaimed animation studio ahead of its theatrical releases. But a lot has changed at Disney in the past year or so, and the citizens of Springfield are shaking things up.

Disney purchased most of 21st Century Fox's media assets for $71.3 billion in a landmark deal that effectively reshaped the media landscape. With that, Disney was put in control of The Simpsons. Seemingly to create some synergy between two of its biggest brands, this short will be released alongside Onward next month. Taking to Twitter, the short was announced with a first look photo featuring Maggie Simpson and a new character named Hudson.

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"Maggie Simpson is speechless... Playdate with Destiny, a new Simpsons short film before Disney & Pixar's Onward. Exclusively in theaters! #TheSimpsons"

This is set to be a romantic tale about young love. The image speaks to that as Maggie and Hudson are dressed to the nines at a scenic overlook. The Disney short is directed by David Silverman, a longtime producer of The Simpsons who previously helmed The Longest Daycare, another short centered on Maggie that was nominated for an Oscar. Series executive producer Al Jean had this to say about the short in an interview.

"We're finally free to talk all about it. We're very proud of it... It started because two of our writers, Tom Gammill and Max Pross, pitched the basic idea as part of a Simpsons story [for the show] a couple of years ago. When we did the episode, [executive producer] Jim Brooks thought they could turn that part into a theatrical short. So, we delayed the episode, which will now air April 19."

Onward is the first original movie from Pixar since Coco hit theaters in 2017. It centers on a pair of brothers in a magical, alternate reality who have a unique chance to reunite with their late father. It stars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt as the brothers at the center of the tale. Dan Scanlon (Monsters University) is in the director's chair. The movie has fared well with critics so far, as it currently boasts an 84 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The adventures of Maggie and Hudson will continue on the episode mentioned by Al Jean on April 19, which is set to feature another adventure with the duo. Jean also teased that this probably isn't the end of working with Disney on theatrical releases for The Simpsons. Does that mean another movie? Maybe not, but here's what he had to say on the matter.

"I don't think this is the end of us doing theatrical work with Disney."

The Simpsons is currently in the middle of airing season 31 and is already gearing up for season 32, with no end in sight. Onward is set to hit theaters on March 6, which is when viewers can catch Playdate with Destiny as well. This news comes to us via Entertainment Weekly.

The Simpsons Play Date With Destint image