Are your eyes burned to the retina from playing hours upon hours of the computer simulation game The SIMS? Well, you can finally give your hand a rest. According to Variety, 20th Century Fox is getting ready to play the game for you. That's right, they're bringing the popular life simulator to a theater near you.

The game is now five years old, and is the best selling PC game in the history of the medium. It was only a matter of time before someone decided to overhaul its basic premise for the big screen.

Steve Asbell will head the project for Fox with SIMS Studio head Rod Humble managing the creative property for Electronic Arts. The untested Brain Lynch will write the screenplay. We can't tell you much about the storyline; cause the studio is keeping that under wraps. I'm sure it will be spooky and weird, just like the game.

Rob Humble did say, "'The SIMS has done an interactive version of an old story, which is what it's like to have infinite power and how do you deal with it. Given that that's an old story, you can imagine how easily that would translate to traditional story telling."

A shooting date has not yet been set.