The Snarling is coming. And it looks pretty awesome! There's a full moon out in the first trailer for this horror comedy thriller. We've got zombies, werewolves, and one very disturbed director who just wants to finish his movie. We could be looking at a cult classic in the making.

Let's hope The Snarling lives up its trailer. There's a lot of potential for fun to be had here. We have bickering crew members on a zombie movie set, plenty of death by fangs, and one very cool looking werewolf that owes more than a little to Wolfen and The Holwing.

When Halloween's over, the party won't stop. Coming this November from Wild Eye Releasing, a bristled comedy-horror jaunt like no other. It truly is Shaun of the Dead meets An American Werewolf in London when The Snarling, from writer-director Pablo Raybould, hits US shores.

Laurence Saunders, Chris Simmons, and Ben Manning star in this thanksgiving horror treat that's part frights, part funny, and all howl. A sleepy English village is invaded by the cast and crew of a new zombie horror film, but the horror turns real when someone or something starts tearing villagers, cast and crew to shreds.

Pablo Raybould is better known as an actor than he may be a filmmaker. And he's not just staying behind the camera here. He's cast himself as the Detective Inspector, who may or may not get torn to shreds. He got his start on Doctor Who way back in 2007, having been at this game for over a decade.

The Snarling actually marks his feature length debut as a director after helming the short No Words. The Snarling turned out to be quite successful behind the scenes, and Raybould has quickly moved onto his next project, The Last Twitch. And he's not traveling far from tested ground. In the movie, a series of gruesome murders in a sleepy English village have the police baffled whilst locals investigate a possible supernatural link. It's considered a direct follow up film to The Snarling. So fans won't have long to wait for this guy's next venture.

For all you horror heads out there, The Snarling isn't just being compared to An American Werewolf in London as a weary throwaway. There is actually a pretty cool connection. The patient in the hospital is Albert Moses, the porter in An American Werewolf In London. The lines delivered to him were the ones he delivered to his patient 30 years ago.

So, gear up for a new werewolf movie where zombies are the least of your problems. We have the first trailer and the poster for The Snarling raring and ready for you. October Coast is making sure your Thanksgiving is filled with plenty of meat and potatoes. This is one trashy little horror flick that might earn itself a place in your deep, dark deadening heart this holiday season

The Snarling Poster
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange