Logan star Hugh Jackman and Jurassic Park's Laura Dern will star in The Son, director Florian Zeller's follow-up to Oscar nominee and Bafta winning, The Father. Much like its predecessor, The Son will be adapted from one of Zeller's stage plays, with See-Saw Films set to produce the project.

The Son is the next installment in Zeller's trilogy of tales that deal with family-centric drama. While The Father deals with the devastating impact of aging and dealing with dementia, The Son will deal with the impact of adolescent depression, as Hugh Jackman's father, Peter, lives a busy life with his new partner Emma and their baby. Their lives are thrown into disarray when his ex-wife, Kate (Dern), turns up with their troubled and angry teenage son, Nicholas.

The movie will detail Peter's struggles as he strives to be a better father, searching to help his son with intimate and instinctive moments of family happiness - to solve, with understanding, what Nicholas is going through. But the weight of Nicholas' condition sets the family on a dangerous course, and they must do everything they can to maintain the bonds that hold them together.

"The Son is a deeply human story which, I believe, connects us all; I hope audiences will be profoundly moved by this family's journey," said Zeller. "Both [Hugh jackman and Laura Dern] naturally convey great warmth, compassion, and vulnerability ... inviting our audience to embrace and feel every moment. The story is set in a vibrant and very much alive New York, an important character. The movie should make us call family and friends to tell them that they are wholly loved and not alone."

Again, much like its predecessor, The Son originally debuted on stage in Paris before moving to London and playing on the West End in 2019, where it was met with praise from critics.

"Having been lucky enough to see The Father at Sundance, we knew that Florian was a uniquely talented filmmaker," said See-Saw's Canning and Sherman. "The Son is a story that needs to be told - a story that rings an alarm. Through examining the human condition and our vulnerabilities, this film will strike a chord with audiences and leave an indelible mark on all who see it."

"For the audience, The Son is visceral, authentic, compelling, and cathartic; intimately close to decisions that many families have to make," added Embankment's Tim Haslam. "The Son makes us respond, reconnect with those around us, with the gift of understanding and awareness."

The Son certainly sounds like a dramatic heavy hitter, and it will be exciting to see Hugh Jackman no doubt put in another powerful performance that could even rival his work in director Denis Villeneuve's 2013 crime drama, Prisoners. The actor has several intriguing projects on the horizon, including the science fiction thriller Reminiscence, which finds Hugh Jackman as a scientist who discovers a way to relive your past and uses the technology to search for his long-lost love.

Jackman will also star as Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann's biography of the Italian sports car entrepreneur, and as Paul the Apostle, whose blinding vision of Jesus transformed his life. This comes to us from Deadline.