It's great to hear that Mischa Barton still has a functioning brain, what with all those hardcore party rumors floating around. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the former The O.C. star will be joining Bruce's daughter, Rumer Willis, in the dark comedy The Sophomore.

The two girls have been cast opposite Bruce himself. The film claims to be a high school take on Chinatown. Barton, the most popular student at her Catholic school, convinces a sophomore reporter to investigate the theft of some SAT tests. When the school's president and one of the top jocks are found to be responsible, a sinister conspiracy begins to emerge.

Rumer will be playing Barton's sidekick, while her dad will be playing a twisted take on the high school principal mythos. The guy is a Desert Storm veteran who can't seem to forgot his glory days spent in Kuwait.

Brett Simon will direct the indie, which is set to begin shooting in August.